Make A Gift Day

Although during the period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas there’s plenty of holidays for giving gifts, Make A Gift Day is another holiday to add to that list. This unofficial holiday is observed on December 3rd and encourages everyone to take some time off for the day and give their friends and family some gifts. Gifts that they’ve made with their own two hands. It’s a day to show the people you love that they’re in your thoughts by making them something special and then giving that gift to them.

The History Of Make A Gift Day

Even though we don’t know exactly when this holiday was invented, we do know that this tradition has been around for quite some time. It might not have had its current name, but people have been giving each other gifts near the beginning of the Christmas season for quite some time. Usually, these are small gifts that people picked up while they were doing their main seasonal shopping, but it’s not really the size of the gifts that matter. What matters is that your gift is telling someone that they’re special and that you’re thinking about them. People have been making their own gifts even for thousands of years as a way to give thanks, to show appreciation, and to show love.

Amazing Facts About Giving Gifts

Since this holiday is all about making handmade gifts for people and giving those gifts to the special people in their lives, we thought that we’d take a moment and talk about the act of gift-giving. People have been giving gifts to one another even before the invention of civilization, so it’s something that’s deeply ingrained into our natures. People also do some peculiar things with their gift-giving, as you’ll see with the following facts.

People Are Just As Likely To Give Gifts To Their Pets Than Friends

One thing that we’ve found out about people giving gifts is that they’re just as likely to buy gifts for their pets as they are for their friends. During a recent survey, 30% of people said they would buy their friends a holiday present, and about 30% of people also said they would buy their pet a gift.

More Gifts Are Exchanged In The U.S Than Anywhere Else

If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that Midwesterners are more likely to give gifts than any other group of Americans. People in the Midwest give people an average of 9 gifts, while people in the South only give an average of 8.5 gifts per person. In the Northeast people only give their recipients an average of 7.5 gifts per person, and in the West, people only give an average of 7 gifts to each recipient.

Observing Make A Gift Day

Make A Gift Day is probably one of the simplest holidays on the calendar. All that you need to know is contained right in its name. There are no special traditions or customs to follow, and no specific meal to prepare. All you have to do is make someone feel special by giving them a gift.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 3 Sunday
Next year (2024)
December 3 Tuesday
Last year (2022)
December 3 Saturday
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