National Caramel Day

Caramel is a simple treat that’s made by creating a syrup from sugar and then adding milk and/or butter to it until it achieves a beautiful light brown color. It’s something that has been made for at least 140 years, but it may actually be even older than that.

One thing is for sure—it’s a treat loved by millions all over the world. That’s probably why this sugary treat has earned its own holiday, a holiday that’s observed on the 5th of April every year and is aptly known as National Caramel Day.

A Brief History of Caramel

Unfortunately, we don’t know who invented National Caramel Day or when they invented it. We also don’t know exactly when caramel was invented either—although we have an idea of when it probably was invented.

According to our research, people in North America were making hard candies by melting sugar in kettles as far back as 1650. Whether any of this candy was caramel has not been determined.

Some historians have posited that some of this hard candy could have been toffee, a type of caramel, but that has yet to be determined. However, it is known that during the 1880s, candy makers began to add milk and fat to sugar and water to make caramel.

If that’s when caramel was actually invented, that would mean that people have been making this product for at least 140 years. It was around the end of the 19th century that Milton Hershey created his first candy company, the Lancaster Caramel Company.

It was while Mr. Hershey was searching for different coatings for his caramels that he discovered how spectacular chocolate was. So he sold his caramel company to the American Caramel Company for a million dollars so he could start the Hershey Candy Company.

Facts About Caramel

Below are some facts about caramel that consumers might want to consider while they’re celebrating this holiday. The following caramel facts are sure to satisfy just about anyone’s sweet tooth for knowledge.

  • Caramel candy is made by mixing melted sugar, butter, and vanilla with milk and/or cream.
  • Caramel sauce can be made by mixing melted sugar with cream.
  • During the mid-19th century, over 400 American candy companies were making caramel.
  • Milton Hershey believed that caramel was just a fad.
  • National Caramel Apple Day is celebrated on October 31st.
  • The caramel apple was allegedly invented by Dan Walker, a Kraft Foods employee.
  • The word ‘caramel’ was first coined in 1725. It’s based on the Spanish word “caramelo.”

Observing National Caramel Day

National Caramel Day can be observed by spending some time eating caramel candies or desserts, or by making their own caramel-based desserts. People can make caramel sauces, caramel candy, or even caramel popcorn.

And while they’re enjoying all of these caramel foods, they can use the hashtag #NationalCaramelDay on their social media accounts to spread the word about this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 5 Friday
Next year (2025)
April 5 Saturday
Last year (2023)
April 5 Wednesday
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