National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

We feel pretty confident in saying that we believe that most people are familiar with Raisin Bran cereal. After all, it’s a cereal that first hit the market in the U.S in 1926 and has been manufactured by a seemingly endless parade of cereal companies ever since. It’s a cereal that most people see as a healthy breakfast food but is also seen as a cereal that’s kind of boring. Of course, we don’t think that raisin bran is boring, as it’s a popular enough food to have received its own holiday. If you’re of the same mind as us and also don’t think that this cereal is boring, then you might want to celebrate National Raisin Bran Day with us every year on November 15th.

The History Of Raisin Bran

The history of National Raisin Bran Day may be lost to the world, but the history of the cereal isn’t. We know that raisin bran was first invented, or at least introduced, in the United States by Skinner Manufacturing Company. The company made cereal for approximately 17-years under the raisin bran name that it owned. However, that changed after Post and Kellogg’s began making their own versions of this cereal and they too called it raisin bran.

In an attempt to hold on to the trademarked name, Skinner Manufacturing filed a cease-and-desist order to the companies using the name. The issue would end up going to court and the U.S Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in 1944 would rule that a name that is only descriptive of its ingredients cannot be trademarked for exclusive use. This effectively caused Skinner to lose the name and allowed a variety of different companies to produce raisin bran products.

Observing National Raisin Bran Day

Raisin bran is an extremely versatile product, so anyone wishing to observe this holiday can easily do so by enjoying this cereal. They can either make of bowl of it, or they use it to make raisin bran muffins, no-bake bars, or some other delicious treat. They can also use the hashtag #NationalRaisinBranDay to spread the word about this tasty, breakfast holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
November 15 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
November 15 Friday
Last year (2022)
November 15 Tuesday
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