National Coffee With A Cop Day

They often get a bad wrap but any bad press does not speak for all cops, which is why it is important to recognize National Coffee With A Cop Day. It falls on the first Wednesday of October and is where the men and women in blue connect with local communities over a cup of coffee. There is that age-old stereotype to do with coffee and donuts, which shows that it is taken in good humor. The idea is to promote open communication between the two and hope for positive interactions and change.

What Is National Coffee With A Cop Day?

It was the idea of the Californian Police in Hawthorne, Cali in 2011. They intended to connect with communities and provide an easy and open dialogue to citizens. What followed was the official day in 2016, and it has spread to all States. They emphasized how line officers value the event as it is important for them to meet the local community. The wish to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the law, something that has never been as important as it is now.

By listening to the needs of the local community, the authorities are more capable of making positive changes of their own and policing in a way that befits the community. This whole concept makes it easier to approach a cop even after the event. So, with a cup of coffee as the ice breaker, everyone is encouraged to find out where their local law enforcement is holding the event, and get involved. It might be at a local coffee shop or outdoors somewhere, but there is usually plenty of notice so it is easy to find out where.

How To Observe National Coffee With A Cop Day

The best way is to keep an eye out for an announcement, usually on social media, and get involved. To truly observe the day one must go to the venue where the event is being held and talk over a coffee. Prepare questions in advance or just go to show support and thank them for all they do.

Use the hashtag #NationalCoffeeWithACopDay to spread the word and see how others are joining around the country. This is held on the third Wednesday in October but not exclusively held on this day. There are always other events throughout the year to keep an eye out for. You may be able to build a rapport that helps you feel confident in asking further questions at a later date. For many, it builds confidence in their local law enforcement and reminds others that they serve the community.

Police officers are usually very approachable so it is good to know that there is an effort to promote this to the wider community. So, on the next National Coffee With A Cop Day, take the family down to meet the hard-working officers in your local area, even if you are not a fan of coffee!

When is it?
This year (2023)
October 4 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
October 2 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
October 5 Wednesday
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