National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week

It might seem odd to some people that there would be a week known as National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week—a week where cowboys rhyme, tell stories, sing songs, and share their skills with other cowboys and the general public. After all, some might not think that poetry and cowboys go together, but those people would be mistaken.

There’s a long tradition among cowboys of telling tall tales and stories around a roaring campfire. And what is a poem if not just a story told in a different format? There’s even a form of poetry known as Cowboy Poetry that has grown from these storytelling traditions. If you don’t believe us, then check it out for yourself when this week comes around in January.

The History of National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week

The first National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week started in 1985, but at that time it was simply called the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and it took place in Elko, Nevada. This gathering has occurred every year since then, but it didn’t become official until Resolution 326 was introduced to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. This resolution designated the Cowboy Poetry Gathering as National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week.

Observing National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week

Anyone wishing to observe this holiday week can learn more about the event at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering’s official website. There, they can find all the information they need to attend this event. Tickets for the event can be purchased there as well.

What can be expected at this gathering? Well, although events differ from year to year, people can expect western-themed events, student art, and of course, poetry. There are also films, workshops, and other events. People can spread the word about this holiday week using the hashtag #NationalCowboyPoetryGatheringWeek on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 29 Monday
Last year (2023)
January 30 Monday
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