National Hire a Veteran Day

Transition to civilian life from the military can be a challenge for most veterans, especially when it comes to making decisions about their careers. Veterans can provide an employer with the skills they’re looking for out of an employee, so employers should consider adding them to their workforce. A good place for employers to start is by observing National Hire A Veteran Day on the 25th of July every year. It gives employers a chance to add skill, experience, and leadership to their workforce, all while helping a veteran adjust to civilian life.

The History Of National Hire A Veteran Day

This holiday was first created by Dan Caporale. He was a Marine Corps veteran who also founded Hire Our Heroes—an organization dedicated to helping veterans find meaningful employment. This holiday has since become very popular in the U.S.

Some Interesting Facts About Veterans

As we researched this holiday, we’ve come across some interesting facts about veterans. We thought that the following facts would add to the discussion of this holiday, so we decided to include them.

  • As of 2018, over 18 million living U.S veterans had served in at least one war.
  • Approximately 7 million U.S veterans served during the Vietnam War.
  • Approximately 9% of veterans in the U.S are women.
  • Over 2 million veterans served during the Korean War.
  • As of 2020, the U.S States with the highest percentage of veterans were Alaska, Virginia, and Wyoming.
  • Approximately 11% of adults experiencing homelessness in the U.S are veterans.
  • Veterans Day pays tribute to both living and dead veterans, and Memorial Day pays tribute to veterans who lost their lives in combat.

Observing National Hire A Veteran Day

On this holiday, people can take a few moments to honor veterans, and if you’re an employer, you can take the time to hire a veteran. Another way to celebrate this holiday is by using the hashtag #NationalHireAVeteranDay on social media to spread the word about this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
July 25 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
July 25 Thursday
Last year (2022)
July 25 Monday
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