National Lasagna Day

National Lasagna Day is a holiday commemorated annually on July 29th to celebrate one of the most quintessential Italian dishes. A dish that is not only popular in the United States but has enormous popularity throughout the entire world, despite the fact that there is debate among culinary historians over when this dish was actually created.


Some historians believe that the original lasagna was made in England during the fourteenth century and called Loseyn. This was a dish composed of thin sheets of flour that were dried and then cooked in broth. These sheets were then layered with a cheese called Ruayn cheese and spices in an alternating configuration. However, since tomatoes – and therefore tomato sauce – didn’t arrive in Europe until Christopher Columbus brought them from the New World during the late fifteenth century, many historians say that this couldn’t be the first lasagna. As such, many people attribute the creation of lasagna to a recipe from Naples, Italy.

Today, there are countless lasagna recipes available for people to choose from. Everything from a veal based lasagna to vegetarian lasagna. Which makes this a flexible dish that can be enjoyed by all.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

There is only one rule for celebrating National Lasagna Day and that is to enjoy this cook and enjoy this dish in one of its many forms. All one has to do is to find a recipe they like and enjoy this Italian dish.

Where is National Lasagna Day celebrated?

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