National Library Workers Day

Observed annually on the Tuesday that falls during National Library Week, National Library Workers Day is a holiday whose chief aim is to recognize the contributions of library staff. Even though library workers often do their job out of the public eye, their work is absolutely vital to people who depend on library services. It doesn’t matter if a person is trying to find a book on a certain subject, doing a job search, or looking for a famous quote; most likely, it was made possible by the workers at the library.

The History of National Library Workers Day

This holiday can be traced back to 2004. This is when the American Library Association sponsored the very first National Library Workers Day. The original aim of this holiday was to raise support among the general public for increasing the pay and improving the benefits of library workers. However, as the years went by, it continued to be observed not only as a way to remind people of the need for better pay and benefits for library workers but also as a holiday on which people can thank the library workers at their local library.

Facts About Libraries

During the course of our research, we’ve come across some interesting facts about libraries and their workers. Facts that we’d like to share with everyone right now.

  • In 2016, public libraries had more than a billion visits.
  • Almost 80% of Americans surveyed believe that public libraries help them find trustworthy information.
  • About 98% of public libraries provide access to computers and the Internet for the general public.
  • About 68% of libraries assist people with accessing employment databases and job opportunity resources.
  • In 2016, almost 400 million e-books were available to public library patrons.
  • The United States has over 17,000 public libraries.
  • Some libraries loan out musical instruments.
  • Almost 70% of all Americans surveyed believe public libraries contribute greatly to the community.
  • Over 94% of all public libraries offer their patrons round-the-clock access to digital content such as e-books.
  • Almost 75% of all Americans surveyed believe that public libraries help people learn how to use new technologies.
  • More Americans go to school, public, and academic libraries than go to the movies.
  • Over 97% of public libraries help people complete forms for the government.
  • Over 66% of Americans feel that the closure of their local public library would negatively impact their community.

Observing National Library Workers Day

National Library Workers Day can be observed by visiting your local library and not only giving thanks to the workers but also taking the time to use some of the library’s services as well. People can also support their local library when it comes time for their city or state to consider library funding by contacting public officials. And while you’re celebrating National Library Workers Day, make sure to use the hashtag #NationalLibraryWorkersDay to spread the word about this holiday and support library workers everywhere.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 9 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
April 8 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
April 11 Tuesday
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