National Title Track Day

We all have a memory of a favorite title track that was featured in a particular movie, television show, or album. These musical tracks just reach out and grab the listener — transporting them to another place and time, or simply touching their heart and mind in unexpected ways.

Title tracks just seem to have that power and that’s probably why someone has gone ahead and dedicated a whole holiday to them. This day is aptly known as National Title Track Day and it’s observed on the fourth Friday of May.

It’s the perfect day for people to rediscover that title track that once affected them so deeply or to search for the next great one that’s going to rock their world.

The History of National Title Track Day

The origins of National Title Track Day are unknown, but we do believe that we traced it back to the early 21st century. Maybe around 2002 to 2005. And that’s all we could uncover. We couldn’t find out any more about this holiday or where it came from. As usual, we’ll attempt to try to research the origins of this day and will update this section as necessary.

Some Quick Facts About Title Tracks

Below are some facts about title tracks that we feel the average person might want to know about. We uncovered the following treasure trove of title track facts during our research for this holiday, so we went ahead and listed them below. We think people will find them educational and maybe even entertaining.

  • A title track is an audio track that has the same name as the album, EP, or film that it comes from.
  • Title tracks have been used to set the entire mood or theme of the album they appear on.
  • A successful title track can greatly impact the success of the album it appears on.
  • Title tracks have even been used to introduce new musical styles to an audience.
  • Some bands have even used title tracks that cover the entirety of one album side. For example, Rush’s 2112.

Observing National Title Track Day

All a person has to do to celebrate this holiday is to choose an album and a title track that they like from the album. It doesn’t matter why a person chooses a particular piece of music.

All that really matters is that it touches them in some way. However, we do encourage people to spread the news about this day using the hashtag #NationalTitleTrackDay online.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 24 Friday
Next year (2025)
May 23 Friday
Last year (2023)
May 26 Friday
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