Save The Koala Day

Every year, the last Friday in September is observed as Save the Koala Day. This day forms the foundation for Save the Koala Month celebrations, which are celebrated not only across Australia but also observed around the world.

This holiday was founded by the Australian Koala Foundation—an organization dedicated to saving koalas and their natural habitats. It’s also a holiday founded to raise public awareness about the real possibility of koalas becoming extinct.

As of February 2022, koalas in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory were placed on the endangered list. This means that if this holiday wasn’t important before, it certainly is now.

The History of Save the Koala Day

The history of this holiday can be traced back to the mid-1980s. This is when the Australian Koala Foundation first began its mission to save wild koalas by protecting and managing the koala’s habitats.

Every year since 1986, they have organized an annual campaign to bring public attention to the difficulties faced by koalas. Wild koalas have been listed as vulnerable to extinction under the Australian EPBC Act since 2012.

This was mainly due to the Australian Koala Foundation lobbying the government on behalf of koalas. Ten years later, koalas have been placed on the endangered list. It’s clear that there’s still more work to be done to ensure that koalas and their environments are protected for future generations.

Some Quick Facts About Koalas

Below are some quick facts about koalas that show just how special these animals are. Let’s take a quick look at them before we move on to how this holiday is observed.

  • It’s believed that the word “koala” comes from “Dharug,” a word found in one of the Australian Aboriginal languages.
  • The word “Dharug” means “no drink.” It was given to koalas because these animals rarely drink water, instead getting their moisture from eating fresh Eucalyptus leaves.
  • Koalas can live on poisonous Eucalyptus leaves because their bodies produce special enzymes that break down the poisonous compounds.

Observing Save the Koala Day

This is a day we encourage everyone to observe — regardless of whether they live in Australia or elsewhere. The decline of koalas is not just an Australian concern but a concern for everyone on the planet.

If koalas disappear from the planet, it will be a loss for the entire human race. That’s why it’s important for everyone to take some time out of their day to help save them on Save the Koala Day. We also encourage everyone to spread the news about this holiday using the hashtag #SaveTheKoalaDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 27 Friday
Next year (2025)
September 26 Friday
Last year (2023)
September 29 Friday
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