SUDEP Action Day

Observed on the third Wednesday in October annually, SUDEP Action Day is a holiday that attempts to raise public awareness about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy — or SUDEP. When a person with epilepsy dies suddenly and prematurely with no other cause of death identified, this is known as SUDEP.

There are about 50 million people worldwide who have epilepsy, and approximately 1%, or half a million, will die from SUDEP. That’s why it’s important to raise awareness about this condition. Not only to inform people of the risk but also to help coordinate epilepsy organizations in learning more about SUDEP and what can be done to prevent it.

The History of SUDEP Action Day

This holiday was first established in 2014 as SUDEP Awareness Day by SUDEP Action and highlighted the largest cause of death for people with epilepsy.

It also encouraged people to learn more about this condition and for organizations to increase research around SUDEP. In 2017, the name of this holiday was changed from SUDEP Awareness Day to SUDEP Action Day. It has been known by this name ever since.

Ways to Reduce SUDEP Risk

Below are some of the things that people with epilepsy can do to reduce their risk of SUDEP. We found the following tips during our extensive research on SUDEP Action Day and would like to now share these facts with everyone.

  • Since SUDEP is linked to seizures, one of the best ways to lower risk is by reducing the number of seizures.
  • People with epilepsy should ensure they take their medication and speak to their doctor before making any changes to their medicine.
  • Individuals with epilepsy should make sure to get regular checkups and discuss any lifestyle changes with their doctor.
  • If the frequency or intensity of seizures has changed, patients should speak with their doctor immediately.
  • If medication doesn’t work to control seizures, then patients should talk to their doctors about other options that might exist for treating their condition.

Observing SUDEP Action Day

Everyone can observe this holiday. They can start by changing their Twitter or Facebook cover to raise awareness about SUDEP and to support SUDEP Action Day. They can also use the hashtag #TalkSUDEPNow to spread the word about this condition and the steps for reducing its risk.

People with epilepsy can take the time to speak with their health professionals about their risks of SUDEP and what they can do to lower their risks. And people can visit to learn more about this condition and to find helpful resources.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 16 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
October 15 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
October 18 Wednesday
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