National Hug Day

National Hug Day, also known as National Hugging Day, is a day celebrated on January 21st in the United States. While this holiday is officially protected by copyright law, it isn’t a true National holiday, meaning that government, business or banking institutions are not closed on this day. However, it is a holiday that is being celebrated by an increasing number people and has even spread beyond the borders of the U.S; now being celebrated now by people all over the globe.


National Hug Day was created by Reverend Kevin Zaborney in Caro, Michigan in 1986 as an antidote to the reverend’s perception that many American were afraid to display affection in public. He created the date on which this holiday is celebrated, January 21st because he felt this was a time of the year when the spirit of people were at the lowest due to it falling between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Benefits Of Hugging

Humans are social creatures and as a result hugging offers a myriad of mental and physical benefits to people, as now science is beginning to discover. For instance, hugging can boost oxytocin and serotonin levels, boost self esteem and improve mental health. Hugging has also been shown to improve cardiac health, lower blood pressure and increase relaxation levels in both particpants.

Hugging is also an important part of relationships. Partners who hug on a regular basis are more bonded and trust each other more than those who don’t frequently touch. There is also a link between partners who frequently hug and the longevity of their marriages. Couples who frequently touch each other tend to have longer and happier marriages than those who don’t.

Customs, Traditions and Celebrations

The best way, as well as the most common way, to celebrate this holiday is give your friends, family or complete strangers a great big hug. It doesn’t matter who you hug on this day, the benefits you receive from hugging is the same.

Where is National Hug Day celebrated?

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