July Holidays in 2018

Holiday dateHoliday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
Sun, July 1Freedom Day Suriname Public Holiday
Sun, July 1First Day of NAIDOC Week Australia Observance
Sun, July 1Mexican general election Mexico National Holiday
Sun, July 1Territory Day British virgin islands Public Holiday
Sun, July 1Independence Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Sun, July 1Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day Hong kong National Holiday
Sun, July 1Singapore Armed Forces Day Singapore Observance
Sun, July 1Vardavar Armenia National Holiday
Sun, July 1Emancipation Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Sun, July 1Sir Seretse Khama Day Botswana Public Holiday
Sun, July 1CPC Founding Day China Observance
Sun, July 1Canada Day Canada National Holiday
Sun, July 1Memorial Day Canada (Newfoundland And Labrador) Local Observance
Sun, July 1July 1 Bank Holiday Egypt Bank Holiday
Sun, July 1Republic Day Ghana Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Carnival Monday Saint vincent and the grenadines Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Independence Day observed Samoa Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Constitution Day Cayman islands Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day observed Hong kong National Holiday
Mon, July 2Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Colombia National Holiday
Mon, July 2Mother's Day South sudan Observance
Mon, July 2CARICOM Day Guyana Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Flag Day Curacao Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Saint Peter and Saint Paul Chile National Holiday
Mon, July 2Canada Day - additional statutory holiday Canada National Holiday
Mon, July 2Heroes Day Zambia Public Holiday
Mon, July 2Republic Day observed Ghana Public Holiday
Tue, July 3Carnival Tuesday Saint vincent and the grenadines Public Holiday
Tue, July 3Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus Belarus National Holiday
Tue, July 3Emancipation Day Us virgin islands Public Holiday
Tue, July 3Unity Day Zambia Public Holiday
Wed, July 4US Independence Day Puerto rico Bank/public Sector Holiday
Wed, July 4Independence Day United states Federal Holiday
Wed, July 4Birthday of His Majesty King Tupou VI Tonga Public Holiday
Wed, July 4American Independence Day Us virgin islands Observance
Wed, July 4Queen Sonja's day Norway Flag Day
Wed, July 4Liberation Day Rwanda Public Holiday
Thu, July 5Saints Cyril and Methodius Czech republic National Holiday
Thu, July 5St. Cyril & St. Methodius Day Slovakia National Holiday
Thu, July 5Foreign Slovaks Day Slovakia Observance
Thu, July 5Independence Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Thu, July 5Constitution Day Armenia National Holiday
Fri, July 6Jan Hus Day Czech republic National Holiday
Fri, July 6Kupalle (Day 1) Belarus Observance
Fri, July 6Day of the Capital Kazakhstan Public Holiday
Fri, July 6King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day Lithuania National Holiday
Fri, July 6Independence Day Malawi Public Holiday
Fri, July 6National Fried Chicken Day - Weird
Sat, July 7Georgetown World Heritage City Day Malaysia Common Local Holidays
Sat, July 7Kupala Night Ukraine Observance
Sat, July 7Kupalle (Day 2) Belarus Observance
Sat, July 7Star Festival Japan Observance
Sat, July 7Saba Saba Tanzania Public Holiday
Sat, July 7International Day of Cooperatives - International
Sun, July 8Video Games Day - Weird
Sun, July 8Family Day Ukraine Observance
Mon, July 9Independence day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Mon, July 9Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq Iran National Holiday
Mon, July 9Independence Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Mon, July 9Constitution Day Palau Public Holiday
Mon, July 9Orangemen's Day Canada (Newfoundland And Labrador) Local Holiday
Mon, July 9Nunavut Day Canada (Nunavut) Local Holiday
Tue, July 10Political Flag Day Mongolia Observance
Tue, July 10Independence Day The bahamas Public Holiday
Wed, July 11Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Wed, July 11Independence Day Kiribati Public Holiday
Wed, July 11Maritime Day China Observance
Wed, July 11World Population Day - International
Thu, July 12Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Thu, July 12Independence Day Sao tome and principe Public Holiday
Thu, July 12Battle of the Boyne United kingdom (Northern Ireland) Local Holiday
Fri, July 13Friday the 13th - International
Fri, July 13Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Fri, July 13Statehood Day Montenegro National Holiday
Fri, July 13National French Fry Day - Weird
Sat, July 14Bastille Day Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Sat, July 14National Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Sat, July 14Republic Day Iraq National Holiday
Sat, July 14Penang Governor's Birthday Malaysia Common Local Holidays
Sat, July 14French Day of the Republic Mayotte Optional Holiday
Sat, July 14Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Sat, July 14Statehood Day (day 2) Montenegro National Holiday
Sat, July 14International Nude Day - Weird
Sun, July 15Veterans' Day Turkey Observance
Sun, July 15Sultan's Birthday Brunei Public Holiday
Sun, July 15Naadam Holiday (National Day) Mongolia Public Holiday
Sun, July 15Unimwane Day Kiribati Public Holiday
Sun, July 15National Ice Cream Day -
Mon, July 16Unaine Day Kiribati Public Holiday
Mon, July 16Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chile National Holiday
Mon, July 16Sea Day Japan National Holiday
Tue, July 17King's Birthday Lesotho Public Holiday
Tue, July 17Independence Day Slovakia Observance
Tue, July 17Constitution Day South korea Observance
Tue, July 17World Emoji Day - Weird
Wed, July 18Constitution Day Uruguay National Holiday
Wed, July 18Nelson Mandela Day South africa Observance
Wed, July 18National Hot Dog Day - Weird
Thu, July 19The Sandinista Revolution Day Nicaragua National Holiday
Thu, July 19Martyrs' Day Myanmar Public Holiday
Fri, July 20Independence Day Colombia National Holiday
Fri, July 20President's Day Botswana Public Holiday
Fri, July 20Rennell and Bellona Province Day Solomon islands Local Holiday
Fri, July 20Crown Prince Haakon's day Norway Flag Day
Sat, July 21Racial Harmony Day Singapore Observance
Sat, July 21Belgian National Day Belgium National Holiday
Sun, July 22Birthday of the late King Sobhuza Swaziland Public Holiday
Sun, July 22Tisha B'Av Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Sun, July 22Parents' Day United states Observance
Mon, July 23National Remembrance Day Papua new guinea Public Holiday
Mon, July 23Renaissance Day Oman Public Holiday
Mon, July 23Revolution Day July 23 Egypt National Holiday
Tue, July 24Simón Bolívar´s Birthday Memorial Ecuador Observance
Tue, July 24Pioneer Day United states (Utah) State Holiday
Tue, July 24The Restoration of Democracy Greece Observance
Tue, July 24Simón Bolívar´s Birthday Venezuela National Holiday
Tue, July 24Children's Day Vanuatu Public Holiday
Tue, July 24National Tequila Day - Weird
Wed, July 25Annexation of Guanacaste Costa rica National Holiday
Wed, July 25Constitution Day Puerto rico Bank/public Sector Holiday
Wed, July 25Revolution Anniversary Cuba National Holiday
Wed, July 25Feast of Saint James the Apostle Spain (Cl , Cn , Ga , M , Na , Pv) Common Local Holidays
Wed, July 25Republic Day Tunisia Public Holiday
Thu, July 26Day of the Rebellion Cuba National Holiday
Thu, July 26Independence Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
Fri, July 27National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day United states Observance
Fri, July 27Revolution Anniversary Celebration Cuba National Holiday
Fri, July 27Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War North korea Public Holiday
Sat, July 28Baptism of Kyivan Rus Ukraine Observance
Sat, July 28Anniversary of the Fall of the Fascist Government San marino National Holiday
Sat, July 28Independence Day Peru National Holiday
Sat, July 28Day of the Institutions Spain (Cantabria) Local Holiday
Sat, July 28World Hepatitis Day - International
Sat, July 28St. Olav's Eve Faroe islands Half-day
Sun, July 29National Anthem Day Romania Observance
Sun, July 29Navy Day Ukraine Observance
Sun, July 29Independence Day (day 2) Peru National Holiday
Sun, July 29St. Olav's Day (National Day) Faroe islands Public Holiday
Sun, July 29St. Olaf's day Norway Flag Day
Sun, July 29Father's Day Dominican republic Observance
Sun, July 29Constitution Day Moldova Observance
Sun, July 29National Chicken Wing Day - Weird
Mon, July 30Martyrs Day South sudan Public Holiday
Mon, July 30Independence Day Vanuatu Public Holiday
Mon, July 30Hurricane Supplication Day Us virgin islands Observance
Mon, July 30International Day of Friendship - International
Mon, July 30Feast of the Throne Morocco National Holiday
Tue, July 31National Mutt Day - Weird


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