July 22 holidays in 2018

Holiday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
Birthday of the late King Sobhuza
Swaziland Public Holiday
Tisha B'Av
Multiple Countries Multiple Types
Parents' Day
United states Observance

Historical Events on July 22

  • 1587: Another group of English settler arrive on Roanoke Island. This was to reestablish the deserted colony that disappeared off of this island off the North Carolina coast.
  • 1598: The Merchant of Venice is placed on Stationers’ Register. This register gives the Crown control over all published material.
  • 1686: Governor Thomas Dongan charters Albany in New York as an official municipality.
  • 1793: Alexander Mackenzie becomes the first recorded human to finish a transcontinental crossing of North America when he reaches the Pacific Ocean on this date.
  • 1797: British and Spanish naval forces clash at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • 1797: Rear-Admiral Nelson has his arm wounded during the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it has to be partially amputated in order to prevent it from becoming gangrenous.
  • 1805: During the War of the Third Coalition, French and Spanish forces fight inconclusively.
  • 1864: General John Bell Hood leads Confederate forces against Union troops led by General William T. Sherman at the Battle of Atlanta during the American Civil War. The attack is unsuccessful.
  • 1937:S President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposes that more justices be added to the Supreme Court of the U.S.; The U.S Senate votes down that proposal.
  • 1942: Gas is rationed among the civilian population to keep it available for military use during World War 2.
  • 1942: Jews are systematically deported from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust.
  • 1943: The Italian city of Palermo is captured by Allied forces during World War 2.
  • 1943: A protest is dispersed in Athens, Greece by Axis occupation forces. Over 20 people are killed.
  • 1962: The Mariner 1 spacecraft begins to fly erratically after launch and has to be destroyed by NASA.
  • 1976: Japan finishes reparation to the Philippines for war crimes during World War 2.

Famous Birthdays on July 22

  • American poet and educator, Emma Lazarus is born in 1849.
  • Jewish-American biochemist and Nobel Prize laureate Selman Waksman is born in 1888.
  • American sculptor Alexander Calder is born in 1898.
  • American author Amy Vanderbilt is born in 1908.


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