What Holiday is Today? (July 18, 2018)

If you were wondering if today is a holiday somewhere, yes, it is! It always is. Here are today's holidays:

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Constitution Day
Uruguay National Holiday
Nelson Mandela Day
South africa Observance
National Hot Dog Day
- Weird

What Holiday is Tomorrow? (July 19, 2018)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
The Sandinista Revolution Day
Nicaragua National Holiday
Martyrs' Day
Myanmar Public Holiday

Upcoming Popular Holidays

VJ Day

VJ Day, otherwise known as Victory in the Pacific Day and VP Day, is a...

Labor Day

Labor Day is a public holiday in the United States and falls on the first...

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day, also known as National Grandparents Day - is a holiday that is celebrated...

Constitution Day (United States)

Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, is a holiday that recognizes the adoption of...

Yom Kippur

"On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed..." This, then,...


Ashura, also known as the Day of Ashura, is a Muslim religious holiday which is...

Next upcoming holidays

Holiday date Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Fri, July 20 Independence Day Colombia National Holiday
Fri, July 20 President's Day Botswana Public Holiday
Fri, July 20 Rennell and Bellona Province Day Solomon islands Local Holiday
Fri, July 20 Crown Prince Haakon's day Norway Flag Day
Sat, July 21 Racial Harmony Day Singapore Observance
Sat, July 21 Belgian National Day Belgium National Holiday
Sun, July 22 Birthday of the late King Sobhuza Swaziland Public Holiday
Sun, July 22 Tisha B'Av Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Sun, July 22 Parents' Day United states Observance
Mon, July 23 National Remembrance Day Papua new guinea Public Holiday
Mon, July 23 Renaissance Day Oman Public Holiday
Mon, July 23 Revolution Day July 23 Egypt National Holiday
Tue, July 24 Simón Bolívar´s Birthday Memorial Ecuador Observance
Tue, July 24 Pioneer Day United states (Utah) State Holiday
Tue, July 24 The Restoration of Democracy Greece Observance
Tue, July 24 Simón Bolívar´s Birthday Venezuela National Holiday
Tue, July 24 Children's Day Vanuatu Public Holiday
Tue, July 24 National Tequila Day - Weird
Wed, July 25 Annexation of Guanacaste Costa rica National Holiday
Wed, July 25 Constitution Day Puerto rico Bank/public Sector Holiday
Wed, July 25 Revolution Anniversary Cuba National Holiday
Wed, July 25 Feast of Saint James the Apostle Spain (Cl , Cn , Ga , M , Na , Pv) Common Local Holidays
Wed, July 25 Republic Day Tunisia Public Holiday
Thu, July 26 Day of the Rebellion Cuba National Holiday
Thu, July 26 Independence Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday