What Holiday is Today? (January 21, 2018)

If you were wondering if today is a holiday somewhere, yes, it is! It always is. Here are today's holidays:

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Errol Barrow Day
Barbados Public Holiday
Our Lady of Altagracia
Dominican republic National Holiday
Princess Ingrid Alexandra's day
Norway Flag Day
World Religion Day
- International
National Hug Day
- Weird

What Holiday is Tomorrow? (January 22, 2018)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Plurinational State Foundation Day
Bolivia National Holiday
Franco-German Day
Germany Observance
Ukrainian Unity Day
Ukraine Observance
National Heroes Day
Cayman islands Public Holiday
Errol Barrow Day observed
Barbados Public Holiday

Upcoming Popular Holidays

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Next upcoming holidays

Holiday date Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Tue, January 23 Handwriting Day - Weird
Tue, January 23 National Pie Day - Weird
Wed, January 24 Compliment Day - Weird
Wed, January 24 Unification Day Romania National Holiday
Wed, January 24 National Peanut Butter Day - Weird
Thu, January 25 Betico Croes' Birthday Aruba Public Holiday
Thu, January 25 Revolution Day January 25 Egypt National Holiday
Thu, January 25 Tatiana Day Ukraine Observance
Thu, January 25 Burns Night United kingdom (Scotland) Local Observance
Fri, January 26 Republic Day India Gazetted Holiday
Fri, January 26 Australia Day Australia National Holiday
Fri, January 26 International Customs Day - International
Fri, January 26 Liberation Day Uganda Public Holiday
Fri, January 26 National Spouses Day - Weird
Sat, January 27 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust - International
Sat, January 27 Saint Dévote's Day Monaco National Holiday
Sat, January 27 Spirituality Day/St Sava's Day Serbia Observance
Sat, January 27 Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism Germany Observance
Sat, January 27 St Sava's Day Macedonia, republic of Optional Holiday
Sun, January 28 José Martí´s Birthday Memorial Cuba Observance
Sun, January 28 Army Day Armenia National Holiday
Sun, January 28 European Privacy Day Germany Observance
Sun, January 28 Fun at Work Day - Weird
Sun, January 28 World Leprosy Day - International
Mon, January 29 Kansas Day United states Observance
Mon, January 29 Duarte´s Day Dominican republic National Holiday
Mon, January 29 St. Valero's Feast Spain (Zaragoza) Local Holiday