September holidays in 2017

Holiday dateHoliday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
Fri, September 1World Peace Day (germany)GermanyObservance
Fri, September 1Arafat DayBahrainObservance
Fri, September 1Hari Raya HajiSingaporeNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Eid-al-adha (feast Of Sacrifice)United Arab EmiratesNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Eid-e-ghorban (feast Of Sacrifice)IranNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Knowledge And Literature DayArmeniaObservance
Fri, September 1Waqfat Arafat DayKuwaitOfficial Holiday
Fri, September 1Language Day Extra HolidayMoldovaNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Independence DayUzbekistanPublic Holiday
Fri, September 1Constitution DaySlovakiaNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Sacrifice FeastTurkeyNational Holiday
Fri, September 1Eid-al-adha Holiday 1QatarPublic Holiday
Fri, September 1Commencement Day Of Eritrean Armed StruggleEritreaPublic Holiday
Fri, September 1Feast Of The SacrificeAzerbaijanPublic Holiday
Fri, September 1Day Of ArafahLibyaPublic Holiday
Fri, September 1Emma Nutt DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 1No Rhyme Or Reason DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 2Eid-al-adhaMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 2TabaskiMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Army DayNicaraguaObservance
Sat, September 2Eid Al-adhaMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid Ul-adhaBangladeshPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid Al AddhaKosovoOfficial Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid Al-qurbanAfghanistanPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid-al-adha HolidayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 2Eid-al-adha Holiday 1United Arab EmiratesNational Holiday
Sat, September 2Hajj DayMaldivesPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Bakr Id/eid Ul-adhaIndiaGazetted Holiday
Sat, September 2Hari Raya HajiMalaysiaFederal Public Holiday
Sat, September 2Feast Of The SacrificeMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 2Eid-al-adha (feast Of Sacrifice)Multiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 2Id-ul-adha (feast Of The Sacrifice)PhilippinesCommon Local Holidays
Sat, September 2Idd Ul AdhaKenyaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Day Of The Independent City Of CeutaSpainLocal Holiday
Sat, September 2Id Ul AdhaGhanaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Sacrifice Feast Day 2TurkeyNational Holiday
Sat, September 2Muslim Day Of Sacrifice (idul Adha)IndonesiaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Kurban BairamKazakhstanPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid-ul-azha Day 1PakistanPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Independence DayVietnamNational Holiday
Sat, September 2Kurman AitKyrgyzstanNational Holiday
Sat, September 2Aid El-kebirMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Feast Of The Sacrifice (day 2)AzerbaijanPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Eid El HajjTanzaniaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Id El KabirNigeriaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 2Bison Ten Yell DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sun, September 3Armed Forces DayTaiwanObservance
Sun, September 3Eid Al-adhaMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Sun, September 3Eid Ul-adha Day 2BangladeshPublic Holiday
Sun, September 3Father's DayMultiple CountriesObservance
Sun, September 3Eid-al-adha HolidayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sun, September 3Eid-al-adha Holiday 2United Arab EmiratesNational Holiday
Sun, September 3Feast Of The Sacrifice Day 2EgyptNational Holiday
Sun, September 3Id-ul-adha Day 2PhilippinesCommon Local Holidays
Sun, September 3The Feast Of St Marinus And Republic DaySan MarinoNational Holiday
Sun, September 3Sacrifice Feast Day 3TurkeyNational Holiday
Sun, September 3Daylight Saving Time StartsNamibiaClock Change/daylight Saving Time
Sun, September 3Eid-ul-azha Day 2PakistanPublic Holiday
Sun, September 3Eid Al-adha HolidayMoroccoBank Holiday
Sun, September 3Feast Of The Sacrifice (day 3)AzerbaijanPublic Holiday
Sun, September 3Id El Kabir Additional HolidayNigeriaPublic Holiday
Sun, September 3Skyscraper DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Mon, September 4OnamIndiaMultiple Types
Mon, September 4Labor DayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Mon, September 4Labour DayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Mon, September 4Eid Al-adhaMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Mon, September 4Eid Ul-adha Day 3BangladeshPublic Holiday
Mon, September 4Eid-al-adha HolidayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Mon, September 4Feast Of The Sacrifice Day 3EgyptNational Holiday
Mon, September 4World Sexual Health DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Mon, September 4Sacrifice Feast Day 4TurkeyExtra Public Holiday
Mon, September 4Eid-ul-azha Day 3PakistanPublic Holiday
Mon, September 4Independence Day ObservedVietnamNational Holiday
Mon, September 4Eat An Extra Dessert DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 5Ghost FestivalTaiwanObservance
Tue, September 5Eid Al-adhaBahrainPublic Holiday
Tue, September 5Eid Ul-adha Day 4BangladeshOptional Holiday
Tue, September 5Spirit FestivalChinaObservance
Tue, September 5Eid-al-adha HolidayMultiple CountriesNational Holiday
Tue, September 5Feast Of The Sacrifice Day 4EgyptNational Holiday
Tue, September 5Binara Full Moon Poya DaySri LankaPublic Holiday
Tue, September 5International Day Of CharityMultiple CountriesInternational
Tue, September 5Eid-ul-azha Day 4PakistanPublic Holiday
Tue, September 5Be Late For Something DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 5Cheese Pizza DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 5Pitru Paksha StartsMultiple CountriesHindu
Wed, September 6Eid Al-adhaBahrainPublic Holiday
Wed, September 6Unification DayBulgariaNational Holiday
Wed, September 6Armed Forces' DaySao Tome And PrincipePublic Holiday
Wed, September 6Defence DayPakistanObservance
Wed, September 6Smhlolo Day (independence Day)SwazilandPublic Holiday
Wed, September 6Fight Procrastination DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Wed, September 6Read A Book DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 7Jeune GenevoisSwitzerlandCommon Local Holidays
Thu, September 7Independence DayBrazilNational Holiday
Thu, September 7Constitution DayFijiPublic Holiday
Thu, September 7Victory DayMozambiquePublic Holiday
Thu, September 7Salami DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 8The Feast Of Our Lady Of VictoriesMaltaNational Holiday
Fri, September 8Nativity Of MaryLebanonObservance
Fri, September 8Kosrae Liberation DayMicronesiaLocal Holiday
Fri, September 8Nativity Of Our LadyLiechtensteinNational Holiday
Fri, September 8National DayAndorraNational Holiday
Fri, September 8Day Of AsturiasSpainLocal Holiday
Fri, September 8Day Of ExtremaduraSpainLocal Holiday
Fri, September 8Virgin Of The VictorySpainLocal Holiday
Fri, September 8International Literacy DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Fri, September 8Independence DayMacedonia, Republic OfNational Holiday
Fri, September 8Pardon DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 9KnabenschiessenSwitzerlandObservance
Sat, September 9German Language DayGermanyObservance
Sat, September 9National DayNorth KoreaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 9Children´s DayCosta RicaObservance
Sat, September 9Eid-al-ghadirIranNational Holiday
Sat, September 9Special Working DayMoldovaObservance
Sat, September 9Day Of The Victims Of Holocaust And Of Racial ViolenceSlovakiaObservance
Sat, September 9Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup DayUnited StatesObservance
Sat, September 9California Admission DayUnited StatesLocal Observance
Sat, September 9Independence DayTajikistanPublic Holiday
Sat, September 9Teddy Bear DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sun, September 10KnabenschiessenSwitzerlandObservance
Sun, September 10European Heritage Days (day Of The Open Monument)GermanyObservance
Sun, September 10Day Of The HomelandGermanyObservance
Sun, September 10St. George's Caye DayBelizePublic Holiday
Sun, September 10Teachers' DayChinaObservance
Sun, September 10Day Of The Workers In The Energy SectorTurkmenistanObservance
Sun, September 10Turkmen Bakhshi DayTurkmenistanObservance
Sun, September 10Gibraltar DayGibraltarPublic Holiday
Sun, September 10Repression Victims' DayMongoliaObservance
Sun, September 10National Grandparents DayUnited StatesObservance
Sun, September 10World Suicide Prevention DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Sun, September 10Fathers' DayMultiple CountriesObservance
Sun, September 10Children´s DayHondurasObservance
Sun, September 10Swap Ideas DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Mon, September 11KnabenschiessenSwitzerlandObservance
Mon, September 11Pohnpei Liberation DayMicronesiaLocal Holiday
Mon, September 11Coptic New YearEgyptObservance
Mon, September 11Our Lady Of CoromotoVenezuelaObservance
Mon, September 11Gibraltar Day ObservedGibraltarPublic Holiday
Mon, September 11Ethiopian New YearEthiopiaPublic Holiday
Mon, September 11Day Of CataloniaSpainLocal Holiday
Mon, September 11Patriot DayUnited StatesObservance
Mon, September 11St. John The Baptist DayEritreaPublic Holiday
Mon, September 11Geez New YearEritreaPublic Holiday
Mon, September 11Election DayNorwayFlag Day
Mon, September 11Make Your Bed DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 12National DayCabo VerdePublic Holiday
Tue, September 12Eid-al-adhaSpainLocal Holiday
Tue, September 12International Day For South-south CooperationMultiple CountriesInternational
Tue, September 12Chocolate Milkshake DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Wed, September 13International Programmers' DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Wed, September 13Positive Thinking DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Wed, September 13Roald Dahl DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 14Battle Of San JacintoNicaraguaNational Holiday
Thu, September 14Hug Your Hound DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 14Holy Cross DayMultiple CountriesChristian
Fri, September 15International Dot DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 15Independence DayMultiple CountriesNational Holiday
Fri, September 15Restoration Of Primorska To The Motherland DaySloveniaObservance
Fri, September 15Shout Of DoloresMexicoObservance
Fri, September 15Day Of Our Lady Of SorrowsSlovakiaNational Holiday
Fri, September 15Nuestra Señora De La Bien AparecidaSpainLocal Holiday
Fri, September 15National Pow/mia Recognition DayUnited StatesObservance
Fri, September 15International Day Of DemocracyMultiple CountriesInternational
Fri, September 15Make A Hat DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 16Independence DayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 16Malaysia DayMalaysiaFederal Public Holiday
Sat, September 16National Heroes DaySaint Kitts And NevisPublic Holiday
Sat, September 16International Day For The Preservation Of The Ozone LayerMultiple CountriesInternational
Sat, September 16Day Of Martyr Omar Al-mokhtarLibyaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 16Collect Rocks DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 16Guacamole DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sun, September 17Vishwakarma PujaMultiple CountriesHindu
Sun, September 17Swiss Federal FastSwitzerlandObservance
Sun, September 17Valentine's DayColombiaObservance
Sun, September 17Birthday Of Crown Prince Tupouto'a-'ulukalalaTongaPublic Holiday
Sun, September 17Day Of MelillaSpainLocal Holiday
Sun, September 17Constitution Day And Citizenship DayUnited StatesObservance
Sun, September 17National Hero DayAngolaPublic Holiday
Sun, September 17Teacher´s DayHondurasObservance
Sun, September 17International Country Music DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sun, September 17Wife Appreciation DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Mon, September 18National Cheeseburger DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Mon, September 18National DayChileNational Holiday
Mon, September 18Air Force BirthdayUnited StatesObservance
Mon, September 18Constitution Day And Citizenship Day ObservedUnited StatesObservance
Mon, September 18Respect For The Aged DayJapanNational Holiday
Mon, September 18Rice Krispie Treat DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 19Mahalaya AmavasyaMultiple CountriesHindu
Tue, September 19Independence DaySaint Kitts And NevisPublic Holiday
Tue, September 19The Feast Of Saint Januarius (naples)ItalyLocal Holiday
Tue, September 19Army DayChileNational Holiday
Tue, September 19Foundation Of The Slovak National Council DaySlovakiaObservance
Tue, September 19National Gymnastics DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 19International Talk Like A Pirate DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 19Pitru Paksha EndsMultiple CountriesHindu
Wed, September 20German World Childrens' DayGermanyObservance
Wed, September 20NavaratriMultiple CountriesHindu Holiday
Wed, September 20Constitution DayNepalPublic Holiday
Wed, September 20Punch DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 21Navaratri BeginsMultiple CountriesHindu
Thu, September 21Rosh Hashanah StartsMultiple CountriesJewish
Thu, September 21Rosh HashanaMultiple CountriesJewish Holiday
Thu, September 21Independence DayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Thu, September 21Rosh Hashana (new Year)IsraelNational Holiday, Hebrew
Thu, September 21NavaratriMultiple CountriesHindu Holiday
Thu, September 21Al-hijra (islamic New Year)United Arab EmiratesNational Holiday
Thu, September 21GhatasthapanaNepalPublic Holiday
Thu, September 21International Day Of PeaceMultiple CountriesInternational
Thu, September 21Founder's DayGhanaPublic Holiday
Thu, September 21Miniature Golf DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 22Hijra - Islamic New YearMultiple CountriesIslamic
Fri, September 22September EquinoxMultiple CountriesSeason
Fri, September 22Muharram/islamic New YearMultiple CountriesMuslim
Fri, September 22German Sandwich DayGermanyObservance
Fri, September 22MuharramMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Fri, September 22National Youth DayTurks And Caicos IslandsPublic Holiday
Fri, September 22Rosh Hashana Ii (new Year Day 2)IsraelNational Holiday, Hebrew
Fri, September 22Muharram/new YearMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Fri, September 22Second Day Of Rosh HashanaArgentinaHebrew
Fri, September 22Independence DayMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Fri, September 22Islamic New YearMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Fri, September 22Amun JadidPhilippinesMuslim, Common Local Holidays
Fri, September 22Emancipation DayUnited StatesLocal Observance
Fri, September 22Native Americans' DayUnited StatesLocal Observance
Fri, September 22Muharram (muslim New Year)Saudi ArabiaObservance
Fri, September 22Hijra New YearMoroccoNational Holiday
Fri, September 22Al-hijra (islamic New Year)NigeriaLocal Holiday
Fri, September 22Hobbit DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 22MabonMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 23Rosh Hashanah EndsMultiple CountriesJewish
Sat, September 23International Celebrate Bisexuality DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Sat, September 23Daylight Saving Time StartsSamoaClock Change/daylight Saving Time
Sat, September 23Autumn EquinoxJapanNational Holiday
Sat, September 23Saudi National DaySaudi ArabiaNational Holiday
Sat, September 23Checkers DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sun, September 24Fast Of GedaliahMultiple CountriesJewish
Sun, September 24Republic DayTrinidad And TobagoPublic Holiday
Sun, September 24Tzom GedaliahIsraelObservance, Hebrew
Sun, September 24Constitutional DayCambodiaPublic Holiday
Sun, September 24Independence Day (national Day)Guinea-bissauPublic Holiday
Sun, September 24Armed Forces DayPeruObservance
Sun, September 24Our Lady Of Las MercedesDominican RepublicNational Holiday
Sun, September 24Anniversary Of The Failed Attack On LoméTogoPublic Holiday
Sun, September 24Gold Star Mother's DayUnited StatesObservance
Sun, September 24Heritage DaySouth AfricaPublic Holiday
Sun, September 24European Heritage DaysAustriaObservance
Sun, September 24Punctuation DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Mon, September 25Queen's BirthdayAustraliaCommon State Holiday
Mon, September 25Family & Community DayAustraliaState Holiday
Mon, September 25Armed Forces DayMozambiquePublic Holiday
Mon, September 25Heritage Day ObservedSouth AfricaPublic Holiday
Mon, September 25Comic Book DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 26Johnny Appleseed DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Tue, September 26North Yemen Revolution DayYemenPublic Holiday
Tue, September 26World Day Against Trafficking PersonsMultiple CountriesInternational
Tue, September 26International Day For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear WeaponsMultiple CountriesInternational
Tue, September 26Love Note DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Wed, September 27Maha SaptamiIndiaRestricted Holiday
Wed, September 27World Tourism DayCongo Democratic RepublicInternational
Wed, September 27Phulpati (dashain)NepalPublic Holiday
Wed, September 27MeskelEritreaPublic Holiday
Wed, September 27Durga Puja BeginsMultiple CountriesHindu
Wed, September 27Crush A Can DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 28Teachers' DayTaiwanObservance
Thu, September 28Day Of BosniansKosovoObservance
Thu, September 28St. Wenceslas DayCzech RepublicNational Holiday
Thu, September 28Astami (dashain)NepalPublic Holiday
Thu, September 28World Maritime DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Thu, September 28World Rabies DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Thu, September 28International Bosniaks' Day (for Bosniak Community)Macedonia, Republic OfOptional Holiday
Thu, September 28Ask A Stupid Question DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Thu, September 28Good Neighbor DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 29National Coffee DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Fri, September 29Navaratri Ends / Maha NavamiMultiple CountriesHindu
Fri, September 29Boqueron Battle Victory DayParaguayNational Holiday
Fri, September 29Maha NavamiIndiaRestricted Holiday
Fri, September 29Nawami (dashain)NepalPublic Holiday
Fri, September 29Daylight Saving Time EndsMongoliaClock Change/daylight Saving Time
Fri, September 29World Heart DayMultiple CountriesInternational
Fri, September 29Michael And All AngelsMultiple CountriesChristian
Sat, September 30DussehraMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 30Yom KippurMultiple CountriesMultiple Types
Sat, September 30First Day Of AshuraMultiple CountriesPublic Holiday
Sat, September 30Daylight Saving Time StartsAustraliaClock Change/daylight Saving Time
Sat, September 30TassouaIranNational Holiday
Sat, September 30Dussehra (maha Navami)IndiaGazetted Holiday
Sat, September 30Botswana DayBotswanaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 30Day Of AchuraAlgeriaPublic Holiday
Sat, September 30Dashami (dashain)NepalPublic Holiday
Sat, September 30Nationalization Of The RoçasSao Tome And PrincipePublic Holiday
Sat, September 30First Day Of Yom Kippur (jewish Community)Macedonia, Republic OfOptional Holiday
Sat, September 30Astronomy DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 30Hot Mulled Cider DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial
Sat, September 30National Public Lands DayMultiple CountriesUnofficial