Happy Cat Month

September is observed every year as Happy Cat Month, and it’s a holiday that celebrates happy cats and the feelings of happiness these cats give us. This is a 30-day period where people are encouraged to celebrate their feline friends and promote their continued well-being.

Humans have enjoyed the companionship of cats for thousands of years, and they have not only kept our homes free from pesky rodents but have also been faithful companions, seeing us through both dark times and good times. Anyone and everyone who owns a cat will probably want to observe this holiday.

The History of Happy Cat Month

Approximately 10,000-12,000 years ago, in the fertile river valleys of the Near East, cats were domesticated. This was at the dawn of agriculture, and cats proved vital in protecting farms from rodents and keeping rodent populations from spiraling out of control.

Eventually, people took cats to all parts of the world, where they continue to help protect our homes from rodents and serve as faithful companions to their owners. This holiday month hasn’t been around for a decamillennium (a period of 10,000 years), but it has been around long enough to be appreciated by cat lovers around the world.

The idea of this holiday was first introduced by the CATalyst Council — a nonprofit that aimed to promote the welfare and health of cats. They created this holiday to promote the physical and emotional health of cats through activities that can include regular vet visits, grooming, and playtime.

Observing Happy Cat Month

Since Happy Cat Month is a month designed to give our feline friends a little bit of happiness, that’s precisely how we should observe it. For the duration of this holiday, we encourage all cat owners to ensure that they meet their cat’s physical and emotional needs.

This can be done by making sure they’re up-to-date on their shots and vet visits, that they are properly groomed on a regular basis, and that they have access to high-quality and nutritious food and snacks. This is also a good month to spend extra time with our feline friends.

And everyone celebrating this holiday can encourage other cat owners to do the same by using the hashtag #HappyCatMonth on social media. Cats do so much for us that we owe them a little bit of extra respect and appreciation, which is precisely what we can offer them every September.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 1 Sunday
Next year (2025)
September 1 Monday
Last year (2023)
September 1 Friday