International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day® is a holiday observed on the last Saturday of September to celebrate these small mammals from the family Leporidae. Throughout history, rabbits have symbolized luck, fertility, and creativity, making them popular symbols for many cultures worldwide.

They are also creatures associated with springtime and new beginnings, which is why they are popular animals for Easter celebrations. They happen to be very cute animals, and that’s why many people worldwide will be celebrating this holiday. How is this holiday celebrated? Well, let’s take a moment to find out below.

The History of International Rabbit Day

This holiday was created by The Rabbit Charity in the United Kingdom in 1998 to raise public awareness about the challenges that many rabbit species around the world face.

Rabbits are near threatened, and their population has been declining due to predation by feral dogs and cats and the loss of habitat. Many of the rabbit species in the most peril can be found in Southeast Asia.

Although International Rabbit Day® was originally observed in the United Kingdom, it soon spread to the rest of the world as well.

Some Cool Facts About Rabbits

Below are some cool facts about rabbits that we feel everyone will enjoy. After learning that many rabbit species are in decline, we decided to find out what else we didn’t know about rabbits. What we uncovered amazed us, and that’s why we decided to share these facts with everyone in this article. We hope they prove to be educational and entertaining.

  • Rabbits are social and are therefore happiest when they’re around other rabbits.
  • A rabbit can live up to 12 years, sometimes even longer.
  • Rabbits have almost 360-degree vision, and their ears can turn 180 degrees.
  • Baby rabbits are known as kittens.
  • Overgrown teeth are a condition that is very common in rabbits.
  • Carrots are high in sugar and should only be fed to pet rabbits in very small quantities.

Observing International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day® can be observed by learning more about rabbits and the challenges they face. People can also spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #InternationalRabbitDay on social media.

Another way to observe this holiday is by donating to an organization such as the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund or the Rabbit Welfare Association.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 28 Saturday
Next year (2025)
September 27 Saturday
Last year (2023)
September 30 Saturday