National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day is a holiday that falls on September 4th every year and is designed to encourage people to think about the species we share the planet with and to be more mindful of them. It’s a day when all people should consider the endangered species of our planet and what can be done to protect them and conserve their environment.

The History of National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day was created by Colleen Paige, a self-styled Pet Lifestyle Expert, in honor of the wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin. She founded this day in 2005, and over the past few decades, it has helped to bring the focus back onto wildlife and to get more people thinking about how they can conserve and protect the animals we share the planet with.

Ways to Observe National Wildlife Day

Anyone looking to observe this day has plenty of options to consider. There are various ways that people can use this day for the benefit of the planet’s animal species. Although drawing and coloring pictures of animals is one way to observe this day, most people will probably want to take a more hands-on approach and tackle the underlying issues that this day highlights.

Donate to Conservation Groups

One way that a person can help make a difference is to donate to some of their favorite wildlife conservation groups. There is no shortage of groups out there that are putting in the hard work of protecting our animals, so why not show them some support? If you have more time than money, you don’t have to donate cash—instead, you can donate your time to the group of your choice.

Start a Community Organization

Another way to contribute is to start your community organization. Do you see a situation that you can personally address with a hands-on approach? Maybe there’s a creek that’s congested with trash or some frogs that need protection. Maybe you just need to plant fruit and nut trees to help give birds, squirrels, and other animals food and shelter during the winter months. There are a million different things a person can do to help, and they all have some kind of positive effect.

Educate Friends and Family

The last thing you can do is to ensure that you educate friends and family on protecting our precious wildlife. Let people know the importance of keeping trash out of natural areas, protecting native flora and fauna, and not using excess energy that can contribute to an already out-of-control global warming situation. After all, it’s been reported that over 1 million species are facing extinction due to climate change and the activities of human civilization. Perhaps it’s time for all of us to take measures to correct that situation, and this day can be the perfect start for that change.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 4 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
September 4 Thursday
Last year (2023)
September 4 Monday
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