Decorating With Candy Day

Every February 1st is observed as Decorating with Candy Day. As the name implies, people are supposed to decorate with candy. Now, we assume that what that means is that people are decorating their baked goods with candy and not their homes, but we suppose it could be celebrated either way.

It sure does sound like a fun holiday to enjoy with friends and family, so we think that we’ll get in on the fun as well. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being creative and finding new ways to decorate things with candy? We can think of all kinds of things being decorated in this way — from cookies and cakes to gingerbread houses.

The History Of Decorating With Candy Day

Let’s take a look at the facts. Humans have been decorating with candy since they invented it some 4,000+ years ago. Some early forms of candy were made by the Egyptians who used honey and honeycombs, dates, nuts, and figs to make candies.

The Greeks also made candy, using honey, fruits, and flowers to flavor it. Candies have been manufactured ever since and have evolved considerably over the years.

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that we’re still unsure of when Decorating with Candy Day was invented. Yes, we were able to research the origins of candy into antiquity, but we were unable to uncover the origins of this holiday.

We simply don’t know who invented it, when they invented it or why they invented it. Anyone who does know can feel free to shoot us a message, however. We’d love to know when this holiday was created and who created it.

Some Sweet Candy Facts

There are few things that we like more than candy, except maybe for trivia. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and list some sweet candy facts below. We think the following points are educational and a lot of fun to learn about.

  • The typical American diet gets less than 2% of its calories from candy.
  • Approximately 6 out of 10 American candy bars were introduced more than half a century ago.
  • American chocolate manufacturers use approximately 40% of the almonds grown in the U.S.

Observing Decorating With Candy Day

All anyone has to do to celebrate this holiday is to actually decorate with candy. Usually, this means decorating some form of baked goods with candy, but we’re not going to tell people that they can’t decorate their homes with candy if they want to.

If they do, they should take the time to take a picture of it and post it online using the hashtag #DecoratingWithCandyDay. Let’s all see this sweet, sweet interior decorating.

When is it?
This year (2023)
February 1 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
February 1 Thursday
Last year (2022)
February 1 Tuesday
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