Constitution Day in Fiji

In Fiji, Constitution Day is a holiday observed annually on September 7th. This holiday marks the day when the Fijian Constitution went into effect on this date in 2013. It is a public holiday that is always observed on a weekday. If the date of the holiday falls on a weekend, then the holiday is observed the following Monday instead of its actual date.

It is a day when many people have the day off, and most non-essential government offices, businesses, and schools are closed. One thing that should be known about this holiday is that it does not celebrate Fiji’s first constitution but instead celebrates the fourth one created in the country.

Observing Constitution Day in Fiji

In 1970, Fiji drafted its constitution after gaining independence from Great Britain. Although this was a momentous occasion in the country’s history, this constitution would not be the last one created by Fiji. In 1990, they created another constitution, which was then followed by ones in 1997 and in 2013.

Fiji created another constitution in 2016. This constitution was not without its detractors, however. The holiday was created to inform the public about the new provisions in this constitution and to do so while giving the general population a day off.

Observing Constitution Day in Fiji

This holiday is observed in various ways in Fiji. Not only is there a public outreach campaign to enlighten the public about Fiji’s constitution, but there are also numerous public celebrations. This includes a parade featuring dancers, marching bands, and floats.

There are also speeches given by the Prime Minister and President of Fiji. It is also a day when people gather with friends and family for communal meals and parties. And because it is a public holiday, plenty of people have the day off to enjoy the day.

Where is it celebrated?
Fiji (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
September 7 Saturday
Next year (2025)
September 7 Sunday
Last year (2023)
September 7 Thursday