Switzerland Holidays in 2019

Holiday dateHoliday nameSpecific LocationHoliday Type
Tue, January 1 New Year's Day AllCommon Local Holidays
Wed, January 2 Berchtold Day 14 cantonsCommon Local Holidays
Sun, January 6 Epiphany Gr* , sz , ti , urCommon Local Holidays
Tue, March 19 Saint Joseph's Day Gr* , lu* , nw , so* , sz , ti , ur , vsCommon Local Holidays
Wed, March 20 March equinoxSeason
Mon, April 15 Sechseläuten ZurichObservance
Fri, April 19 Good Friday All except ti , vsCommon Local Holidays
Sun, April 21 Easter SundayObservance
Mon, April 22 Easter Monday All except vsCommon Local Holidays
Wed, May 1 May Day Bl , bs , fr* , ju , lu* , sh , so* , tg , ti , zhCommon Local Holidays
Thu, May 30 Ascension Day AllCommon Local Holidays
Sun, June 9 Pentecost AllCommon Local Holidays
Mon, June 10 Pentecost Monday All except vsCommon Local Holidays
Thu, June 20 Corpus Christi 14 cantonsCommon Local Holidays
Fri, June 21 June SolsticeSeason
Sat, June 29 St. Peter and St. Paul Graubã¼nden, ticinoCommon Local Holidays
Thu, August 1 Swiss National DayNational Holiday
Thu, August 15 Assumption of Mary 14 cantonsCommon Local Holidays
Thu, September 5 Jeune Genevois GenevaCommon Local Holidays
Sat, September 7 Knabenschiessen ZurichObservance
Sun, September 8 Knabenschiessen ZurichObservance
Mon, September 9 Knabenschiessen ZurichObservance
Sun, September 15 Swiss federal fast All except geObservance
Mon, September 23 September equinoxSeason
Fri, November 1 All Saints' Day 16 cantonsCommon Local Holidays
Sun, December 8 Immaculate Conception 13 cantonsCommon Local Holidays
Sun, December 22 December SolsticeSeason
Tue, December 24 Christmas EveObservance
Wed, December 25 Christmas Day AllCommon Local Holidays
Thu, December 26 St. Stephen's Day All except ju , vd , vsCommon Local Holidays
Tue, December 31 New Year's EveObservance


Leif Erikson Day

Guy Fawkes Day

Black Friday