December 21 holidays in 2017

Holiday nameHoliday locationHoliday type
December Solstice
Multiple Countries Season
Dōngzhì Festival
Taiwan Observance
Turkish Language Day (Turkish community)
Macedonia, republic of Optional Holiday
International Dalek Remembrance Day
- Weird

Historical Events on December 21

  • 1861: United States’ President Abraham Lincoln signs Public Resolution 82. Among other things, one of its provisions call for a Navy Medal of Valor be created.
  • 1872: Captain George Nares commands the HMS Challenger as it leaves from Portsmouth, England on its scientific expedition.
  • 1879: “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen premiers at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1907: Over 2,000 striking miners in Iquique, Chile are massacred by the Chilean Army.
  • 1913: The first crossword puzzle is published in the New York World.
  • 1946: Over thirteen hundred people are killed and over thirty-eight thousand homes destroyed, when a 8.1 Mw earthquake and then tsunami, hits Nankaido, Japan.
  • 1962: Norway gets its first National Park on this day – the Rondane National Park.
  • 1968: The Apollo 8 moon mission is launched from Kennedy Space Center.
  • 1998: 270 people are killed when a bomb explodes on Pan Am Flight 103.

Famous Birthdays on December 21

  • Japanese samurai, Minamoto no Yorinobu is born in 968.
  • Catholic cardinal Luigi d’Este is born in 1538.
  • Colonial governor of Rhode Island, Benedict Arnold is born in 1615.
  • American computer programmer, Adele Goldstine is born in 1920.
  • American actor and ventriloquist, Paul Winchell is born in 1922.
  • American author Edward Hoagland is born in 1932.
  • American TV host and producer, Phil Donahue is born in 1935.
  • American actress Jane Fonda is born in 1937.
  • American director and screenwriter, Roy Karch is born in 1946.
  • American actor Barry Gordon is born in 1948.
  • American actor Samuel L. Jackson is born in 1948.
  • American actress Jane Kaczmarek is born in 1955.
  • American comedian and screenwriter, Andy Dick is born in 1965.
  • Canadian actor and director, Kiefer Sutherland is born in 1966.
  • President of France, Emmanuel Macron is born in 1977.
  • English actor Tom Payne is born in 1982.
  • English actor Tom Sturridge is born in 1985.
  • American football player Mark Ingram, Jr. is born in 1989.

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