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Bosses Day

On Bosses Day (also known as Boss's Day or National Boss Day), people in several countries of the world thank their bosses for doing a good job. Often times, this might include the employees taking their bosses out to lunch, giving them cards or small gifts. As a good boss often helps support and promote their employees' career paths, it can be an opportunity for employees to reciprocate and support their bosses.

According to Wikipedia, Bosses Day started in 1958 when Patricia Haroski, who was working for her father at State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Illinois, forgot her father's birthday. His birthday was on October 16, and Patricia registered that day with the United States Chamber of Commerce. In 1962, the Governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, supported Patricia's registration and stated that October 16 was to be National Bosses Day.

When is Bosses Day?

Bosses Day is not a typical floating holiday, in that it almost always falls on October 16. If it falls on a weekend, it will fall on the closest business day to October 16.

Day Name Date Year
Monday October 17 2011
Tuesday October 16 2012
Wednesday October 16 2013
Thursday October 16 2014
Friday October 16 2015

Ideas for Bosses Day

Doughnuts, coffee, juice or fruit for breakfast always help to get the day started in a positive way

Recognize your boss in a corporate newsletter, if available

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