Constitution Day in Andorra

Observed in the Principality of Andorra on March 14th annually, Constitution Day is a public holiday that commemorates the constitutional referendum held on this day in Andorra on March 14, 1993. The first Constitution of Andorra was approved by 74.2% of voters in the country on this date and became the country’s first constitution.

This constitution contained 107 articles and included a universal declaration of human rights. Under this constitution, all people in Andorra are equal under the law, and it forbids not only torture and other cruel forms of punishment but also the death penalty as well.

The History of Constitution Day in Andorra

Andorra is a country located in the Pyrenees Mountains and became an independent country in 803 AD. In the 13th century, Andorra came under the rule of the Spanish Bishop of Urgell and the leader of France. On March 14, 1993, Andorra’s Constitution was approved.

Interesting Facts About Andorra

Below are some interesting facts about Andorra that you might want to consider as you learn more about Constitution Day. We discovered the following facts while researching this holiday and think that they might prove interesting to everyone reading this article.

  • Andorra is the 16th smallest country in the world by landmass and the 11th smallest by population.
  • In Andorra, Catalan is the official language.
  • Andorra has no national bank.
  • This country has the 8th highest life expectancy in the world.
  • Andorra has the most visitors per capita per year. Over 10 million people visit this country of 77,433 people (according to 2021 data).
  • Andorra didn’t join the United Nations until 1993.

Observing Constitution Day in Andorra

Because this holiday is a public holiday in Andorra, many people get the day off. It’s also a day when government buildings and some businesses are closed for the day. On social media, the hashtag #ConstitutionDayAndorra can be used to spread the word about this holiday.

Where is it celebrated?
Andorra (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
March 14 Thursday
Next year (2025)
March 14 Friday
Last year (2023)
March 14 Tuesday