Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea

Independence Day is a public holiday in Equatorial Guinea that’s observed every October 12th. This day marks the country’s independence from Spain on the 12th of October in 1968 and is observed as a public holiday in the country. Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country that’s composed of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic offshore islands.

It’s home to over 1.4 million people. Because Independence Day is a public holiday, it’s a day off for the general population and many government offices, schools, and businesses are closed so that people can attend events and spend time with their loved ones.

The History Of Independence Day In Equatorial Guinea

The first European contact between Equatorial Guinea and European powers occurred during the 15th century. This is when the Portuguese navigator Fernão do Pó arrived in the area. The island that he spotted would be named Fernando Poo in honor of him. Not long after, the Portuguese would officially colonize the region.

Under the Treaty of El Pardo in 1778, Portugal would end up ceding control of the area to Spain in exchange for land in South America. At the beginning of the 20th century, the area would become known as Spanish Guinea and in 1959, the region was organized into two provinces of Spain. Just a few years later, however, these two regions were joined to make Equatorial Guinea.

In Equatorial Guinea, there was a call for independence that began to grow. Eventually, that call led to Spain announcing it as independent after receiving pressure from the United Nations. On October 12th, 1968, it gained its independence and Francisco Macías Nguema would become the newly appointed president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Observing Independence Day In Equatorial Guinea

This holiday is observed with parades, festivals, and fireworks. It’s also observed with fishing competitions, sporting events, concerts, and parties. It’s also a day for citizens to spend with loved ones.

Where is it celebrated?
Equatorial Guinea (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
October 12 Thursday
Next year (2024)
October 12 Saturday
Last year (2022)
October 12 Wednesday