Independence Day in Eritrea

Independence Day is a public holiday that’s observed annually in Eritrea and is observed annually on May 24th. This holiday commemorates the anniversary of two different events that have occurred recently in this country’s history. These two events were the arrival of resistance fighters in 1991 to Eritrea’s capital and the country’s independence from Ethiopia in 1993.

As is the case with most independence day celebrations, this day is observed with parades, carnivals, street performances, concerts, and sporting events. It’s also observed by flying the flag of Eritrea and by using fireworks.

The History Of Eritrean Independence Day

Originally, this country and Ethiopia were a part of the Kingdom of Aksum. Then during the 19th century, it would become Eritrea under Italian control. When Italy was defeated during World War II, the country soon came under British control. In 1962, Ethiopia annulled the Eritrean parliament and formally annexed the country.

The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (ELF) resisted the invasion, and this resulted in a 30-year war. This war would come to an end on May 24, 1991, when ELF entered Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. In 1993, a flag was adopted and elections were held. Over 99% of Eritreans voted for independence, and this would become official on May 24, 1993.

Amazing Facts About Eritrea

We found the following amazing facts out about Eritrea and we would like to now share them with everyone.

  • The capital of Eritrea is known as “New Rome” by some people.
  • Eritrea has no official language.
  • The city Asmara means “They Made Them Unite.”
  • Eritrea comes from the ancient name of the Red Sea.
  • Over 30% of Eritrean freedom fighters were women.
  • A million-year-old hominid skull was found in the village of Buia in Eritrea.

Observing Eritrean Independence Day

This holiday is observed with all of the celebrations a person would expect with an independence celebration. There’s music, food, and families getting together. There are also concerts, parades, and street performances all across the country.

Where is it celebrated?
Eritrea (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
May 24 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
May 24 Friday
Last year (2022)
May 24 Tuesday