Isdal Woman Day

Isdal Woman Day occurs on the 29th of November each year and is named after the unidentified woman whose lifeless body was found in Norway in 1970. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about this mystery and also to pay tribute to those who have died in strange or mysterious ways, especially those who have yet to have their remains identified.

The final purpose of this day is to remember the families of these victims as they deal with the pain and uncertainty of not knowing what happened to their loved ones.

The History of Isdal Woman Day

Close to Bergen, in Norway, the body of a woman was found by a man hiking the foothills of the Ulriken north face with his two daughters. This area had been known as Death Valley because of the number of suicides that occurred there during the Middle Ages. It is also an area where several hikers have died over the years.

As the hiker moved through the area, he smelled something burning and decided to investigate. One of the daughters found the charred body of a woman. The hikers and the daughters then returned to town and notified the police of their discovery.

The police quickly launched a full-scale investigation. They noted that the woman was lying on her back with her hands clenched on her stomach. They also noted that there were no campfires in the area and that the woman’s clothes and the front of her body were severely burned. They found several personal items near her body, as well as her bags at the railway station, but they were unable to find anything that would identify her.

An autopsy was performed on the woman, and several things were discovered. The first thing they discovered was that she died of poisoning by carbon monoxide and phenobarbital incapacitation. Sleeping pills were also found near the body, and the authorities decided that she had consumed them as well.

The authorities tried to figure out the identity of the woman but were unable to do so. Although the police believed that the woman committed suicide, some people are convinced that she was murdered. In 2016, the case was reopened, but the identity of the woman and the nature of the incident remain unsolved.

Observing Isdal Woman Day

During this day, people should try to learn about the case and the cases of other people who died mysteriously and have never been identified. There are several of them all over the world, so people have plenty of cases to choose from. We encourage everyone observing this day to use the hashtag #IsdalWomanDay on social media to spread the word about it online.

When is it?
This year (2024)
November 29 Friday
Next year (2025)
November 29 Saturday
Last year (2023)
November 29 Wednesday
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