Memorial Day in Argentina

Memorial Day is a public holiday in Argentina that is observed every March 24th. Also known as Truth and Justice Memorial Day, this holiday commemorates those who disappeared during the military junta in 1976. On that date, a coup d’état overthrew President Isabel Peron and brought the National Reorganization Process to power.

What happened next was a period of state-endorsed terrorism aimed at left-wing guerrillas, socialists, and political groups. Approximately 10,000 people disappeared under the junta, and the number may even be higher than that, as many of the records were destroyed. Fortunately, this period ended in 1983 when democratic elections were held to install a new president.

Interesting Facts About Argentina

Below are a handful of facts about Argentina that we would like to share with everyone reading about this holiday.

  • The first feature-length cartoon was created by Quirino Cristiani in Argentina in 1917.
  • The most popular drink in Argentina is Yerba Mate.
  • Buenos Aires translates to “Fair Winds.”
  • In 2020, Argentinians consumed approximately 49.7 kilograms of beef per person.
  • Argentine cowboys are known as gauchos.
  • The national sport of Argentina is Pato.

Observing Memorial Day in Argentina

One of the main ways this holiday is observed is by people holding peaceful marches and rallies in remembrance of all those who disappeared after the 1976 coup d’état. People also gather with friends and family to enjoy communal meals. This day is a public holiday, so the general population has the day off, and many government buildings, schools, and businesses are closed.

Where is it celebrated?
Argentina (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
March 24 Sunday
Next year (2025)
March 24 Monday
Last year (2023)
March 24 Friday