National Amaretto Day

For many people, this will be the day of the year they most look forward to. Who could blame them? That sweet and nutty taste of almonds goes down so well. Therefore, the 19th of April should be celebrated accordingly. But how did this day come about, and what’s the story behind the popular drink?

History Of National Amaretto Day

This Italian spirit is typically made from bitter almonds, the flavor enhanced by the addition of alcohol, which brings out that flavor that so many people love. For some, the aroma is just as moreish, but to trace the origins back, we have to take a trip to 1525. Yes, it means looking back to Italy during the Renaissance, in Saronno.

The painter Bernardino Luini bestowed a gift upon the young model for his painting Madonna of the Miracles – a blend of brandy mixed with almonds. It may have been his own concoction at the time, a family recipe kept secret for many centuries until the 20th century. It was the Di Saronno (yes, the famous brand Amaretto lovers can now thank for making one of the best versions) family who started to produce this for the market.

Up until 2001, it was branded as Amaretto di Saronno. But the company changed the name to Disaronno Originale – the way we still know it today. There are other tales of families producing their secret recipe of this almond-based liqueur, with some of them still in production today. Although we know plenty about the history of the day itself, not much is known about how this day became a day of the year. One thing is for sure: we are glad it is.

How To Observe National Amaretto Day

The best way to observe the day (if you are old enough to legally do so) is to enjoy a glass of this famous Italian liqueur. Some like to drink it over ice, others prefer a mixer, perhaps a dash of coke. The flavor alone is worth celebrating, so it could be added into a cake recipe to enjoy.

Those who are particularly obsessed with the flavor may enjoy making some cocktails. The two most popular are likely to be an Amaretto Sour and an Amaretto Sidecar. Then why not share some of the fun using the hashtag #NationalAmarettoDay and see what everyone else is doing and making? This can be a fun way to connect with some of the other Amaretto enthusiasts of the world.

Since the Italian translation is something along the lines of “little bitter one,” baking it into something sweet can be fun. Otherwise, making the drink yourself can be rewarding. There are plenty of recipes online for creating this from scratch. You never know, you may enjoy the taste more and can make it time and again until you have mastered the strength.

Remember that Disaronno is not the only brand available. Part of the fun can be in trying something from other brands like Saliza and Lazzaroni.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 19 Friday
Next year (2025)
April 19 Saturday
Last year (2023)
April 19 Wednesday
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