National Chili Day

National Chili Day is a holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday in February and celebrates the dish known as Chili con Carne. While chili is a dish that can commonly be described as a spicy stew with meat and tomatoes, it differs from place to place. Some people believe chili should contain beans and others believe that is a big no-no.

Regardless of your definition of chili, however, this day is sure to bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your belly.

The History of National Chili Day

Modern chili is usually attributed to Mexican cuisine. But Mexico wasn’t the only country that influenced this dish. Chili also incorporates the culinary traditions of the Spanish and Native American cultures. And as it spread across the Americas, it has picked up regional influences as well.

That is why no two chilis are the same. They are all a reflection of the culture in which they reside. Unfortunately, the origins of National Chili Day are just as murky as chili itself. There just isn’t information available on who started celebrating this holiday for the first time or why they chose February 23rd.

The Top Chili Recipes

Cincinnati Five-Way:
Chili spooned over pasta and topped with shredded cheese, kidney or refried beans, crushed oyster crackers, and onions.

Texas Bowl of Red:
A bean-less chili with lean beef, beef suet, and a variety of different peppers and spices.

New Mexico’s Green Chile Stew:
A green chili stew made with pork, peppers, and a variety of different spices.

St. Louis Slinger:
A hamburger patty served with hash browns and eggs and covered in chili, cheese, and onions.

Celebrating National Chili Day

National Chili Day is celebrated in February, which is the perfect month to serve this heartwarming dish. So make your favorite type of chili and celebrate this unofficial holiday with your friends and family. And if you’re in the social media mood, then you can always post pictures of your chili to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #NationalChiliDay.

When is it?
This year (2023)
February 23 Thursday
Next year (2024)
February 22 Thursday
Last year (2022)
February 24 Thursday
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