National Chocolate Souffle Day

National Chocolate Souffle Day is a holiday that’s observed on February 28th and celebrates a treat that people consider to be the quintessential chocolate dessert. A souffle is a baked egg-based dish that was first created during the early 18th century in France and can be made in a variety of different flavors-including chocolate, of course.

Chocolate souffle is often made for important occasions and for this holiday. Anyone wishing to celebrate this holiday should do so by purchasing or making their own chocolate souffle and sharing it with everyone who wants a plate.

Sweet Facts About Souffles

Want to learn a few more things about souffles before you celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day? Well, you’re in luck then. That’s because we’ve gathered together some wholesome souffle facts that everyone can dig into.

  • The word souffle is the past participle of the French verb “souffle” and means to “puff up.”
  • The first written recipe for souffle appeared in 1742 in the book Vincent La Chapelle’s Le Cuisinier Moderne.
  • The biggest souffle was made in the town of Nablus, Palestine, and weighed approximately 3,891 pounds.
  • Souffle’s can be savory or sweet, depending on how they’re made.
  • Each region of France has its own unique spin on the souffle recipe.

Observing National Chocolate Souffle Day

This holiday can be observed by making a chocolate souffle and sharing it with friends and loved ones. Although souffles are considered by some to be a very difficult recipe to make, the average person can certainly learn how to make one with a little bit of patience and practice. While people are celebrating this holiday, they should take the time to use the hashtag #NationalChocolateSouffleDay to spread the word about this sweet holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
February 28 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
February 28 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
February 28 Monday
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