National Foundation Day

Celebrated on February 11th annual, National Foundation Day is a national holiday in Japan. This holiday serves a dual purpose in the country. First and foremost, it celebrates the creation of Japan. Second, it celebrates the creation of the imperial line and the ascension of the first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu. It has been celebrated for many years throughout Japan’s history, although its name has changed over those years.


This day was first created as a holiday in 1872 – during the Meiji era. At this time, it was originally called Empire Day and was celebrated on January 29th. However, this caused some confusion among people because it coincided with the Lunar New Year and was therefore ignored. As a result, the date on which it was celebrated was changed to February 11th in 1873.

After World War II, Empire Day was abolished In Japan due to its reinforcement of the idea of the Japanese nobility. In 1966, it was reintroduced in Japan as National Foundation Day – a holiday for citizens to express their patriotism publicly.

Customs, Traditions and Celebrations

In the past, when it was was known as Empire Day, this holiday was heavily saturated with Shinto customs and practices. However, this has changed in modern Japan. Now most of the celebrations of this holiday are very low key and are not as heavy with pageantry as they once were. Most of these celebrations and observances merely involve the raising of the Japanese flag and speeches that reflect on the meaning and value of Japanese citizenship.

Where is National Foundation Day celebrated?

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