National Hot Breakfast Month

Even though many Americans grab a piece of toast or a doughnut as they’re running out the door, National Hot Breakfast Month is designed to curb that habit. During the month of February, people are encouraged to enjoy a hot meal that not only gives them the fuel and nutrition they need but also gives them that warm feeling in their belly.

The feeling of contentment that only real, hot food can provide. So anyone looking to break out of their rut and choose something such as bacon and eggs, a hot breakfast sandwich, pancakes, or if a person is really adventurous, then a full English breakfast.

Reasons Why A Hot Breakfast Is Important

Okay, when we originally started this article about National Hot Breakfast Month, we knew that breakfast was an important meal, we just didn’t know how important. Fortunately, we came across some facts that educated us, so we decided to pass that information along. Below are the reasons why having a hot breakfast is so important.

Breakfast Helps Encourage Healthier Eating

Several scientific studies have shown that people who eat breakfast tend to have more whole grains and milk in their diet than people who skip. This is because hot and cold cereals and whole-grain toast are some of the more popular breakfast items for a person to eat.

Breakfast Kicks The Metabolism Into High Gear

Studies have shown that eating breakfast also forces the metabolism to get started and that can result in the body burning more calories throughout the day. When people skip breakfast, their bodies tend to conserve calories, and this results in fewer calories being burned throughout the day.

Breakfast Stabilizes Glucose Levels & Stimulates The Brain

The last thing that eating breakfast does is balance out a person’s blood sugar levels. Eating whole grains, fruit and lean protein in the morning can keep glucose levels stable all day long. And stable glucose levels are good for the brain and may stimulate it for better performance.

Observing National Hot Breakfast Month

Since the point of this month is to whip up a hot breakfast, then that is exactly how it should be observed. Eggs, bacon, ham, toast, and other foods are waiting to be cooked and turned into a breakfast that a person wants to get out of bed for.

Or, if a person is short of time, they can grab a breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito from a local drive-thru restaurant. No matter what breakfast is chosen, however, a picture of it should be posted online using the hashtag #HotBreakfastMonth. Hey, let us all know what you’re having for breakfast.

When is it?
This year (2023)
February 1 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
February 1 Thursday
Last year (2022)
February 1 Tuesday
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