National Kids and Pets Day

Buying children new pets can be beneficial for both the child and the pets—if the right pet for the child is chosen at the right time. A day that reminds us of that fact, and one that also celebrates the joys of children’s pets, is National Kids And Pets Day. This is a holiday that falls on April 26th each year. This is a holiday that emphasizes the special bond between child and pet. But it’s not a day that a parent should observe until they know and understand the dangers of putting children and pets together without proper supervision. 

The History Of National Kids And Pets Day

This holiday was first created in 2005 by Colleen Paige. Colleen Paige is a celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert, and a former EMT. She created this day to not only help further the bond between pets and children but also to bring awareness to the plight of animals in shelters. Another reason she invented this holiday was to emphasize the importance of parents putting into place safety measures when putting children and pets together. 

Safety Tips For Children And Pets

Since dogs are pack animals and have certain ingrained instincts, it’s important for people to realize that even the tames animal can bite a member of the household. This can be particularly dangerous for young children who might be the same size or smaller than the dog. Below are some of the safety measures that parents should consider before putting children and animals together. 

  • Young children should never be left unsupervised around an animal. 
  • No animal should be approached when they’re sleeping, eating, or chewing on a toy. 
  • No animal should be approached when it’s caring for its young. 
  • Sudden moves or loud noises should ever be made around an animal. 
  • Don’t let a child touch or stand near a dog that’s experiencing heightened excitement or fear.
  • Make sure the dog’s or cat’s waste is kept out of reach of the children. 
  • An adult should always be asked before a child approaches an animal. 

Facts About Animals In Shelters

Below are some facts about shelter animals and the plight that they face every day. The following statistics highlight just another reason why people might want to observe this holiday. 

  • Only 10% of dogs born will find a permanent home.
  • Approximately a quarter of all dogs in shelters are purebred.
  • Over 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year. 

Observing National Kids And Pets Day

National Kids And Pets Day can be observed by parents by taking some time to learn about how to safely pair an animal with their child and at what age it’s appropriate for a child to get a pet. It’s also a good day for people to consider saving one of the stray animals that have ended up in a shelter. And while you’re celebrating this holiday, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalKidsAndPetsDay to spread the word about it on the Internet

When is it?
This year (2023)
April 26 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
April 26 Friday
Last year (2022)
April 26 Tuesday
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