National Stem Day

STEM or STEAM education is vital to a child’s development. So, to make things more interesting, we focus on all things STEM on November 8th. That’s right, National Stem Day is a time to consider the impact of Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths. Their programs are often created by teachers and are a great guide for making sure a child’s education is both engaging, and rewarding.

What Is National Stem Day?

Education is always evolving and changing. This is important for young students in particular as new methods are always emerging to try and make education more interesting. STEM is one such method. In the US in particular, studies in the early 2000s showed that there needed to be a drastic change and focus on the education system if they were to keep up with world leaders in the future.

This was where STEM was conceptualized. Because it was found that many students were underperforming in the STEM areas, there needed to be a push to improve the way it was taught. Properly equipping schools and students with the tools and resources became vital. This has resulted in better literacy in technological areas, as well as improved grades in other subjects.

Some careers become more trendy during major world events such as the moon landing in 1969 which led to an increased interest in the sciences. National Stem Day is all about celebrating the strides that this focus on these subjects has taken. The future generations will benefit from it being in place now, and many believe it helps to make a more cultural and well-rounded student with a range of skills. Even if schools are not acknowledging the day on November 8th, there are ways to do it at home.

How To Observe National Stem Day

One of the best ways is to educate yourself on what it is all about. We’re talking about Science Technology Engineering and Maths (and with Art depending on where you are coming from). So, a good way to observe the day is to focus on a subject and think of ways you can make it more fun for your kids. The STEM system is all about finding lessons in everyday life and there are plenty of ways to make a lesson out of your day to day.

Use the hashtag #NationalStemDay and get involved. See what other people are doing to observe the day, share your own story and make sure as many people are aware as possible. There are plenty of ways to use STEM with everything from photography, to board games, and a trip to the museum being great ways to develop STEM skills.

There are also online courses that can help. These are often free and made by some of the world’s most respected educational institutions. So, there is no shortage of opportunities to develop those STEM skills of your own. This can help with planning ideas for the children and who knows, there may even be courses you can do together.

When is it?
This year (2023)
November 8 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
November 8 Friday
Last year (2022)
November 8 Tuesday
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