National Upcycling Day

Every year, National Upcycling Day is observed on June 24th. The purpose of this holiday is to encourage people to upcycle the products that they would otherwise throw away. Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials into new products to keep them from ending up in landfills.

Although this day has only been around for a few years now, it’s had a major impact on people’s perception of what they consider to be trash. As long as the trash is turned into something of greater value than what it was or has a higher environmental value, then the spirit of this holiday is being properly observed.

It’s a way for all of us to rethink waste and change our relationship with it to something more positive for the environment.

The History Of National Upcycling Day

Before we can talk about when this holiday was created, we first have to discuss the origin of the term “upcycling.” This term was coined by German engineer Reiner Pilz during the 1990s.

The term was used by him to describe a process of transforming waste materials into new products that hold a higher value. Nowadays, the term has been extended to also describe the process of transforming trash into something that has a higher value for the environment.

National Upcycling Day would be first observed on June 24, 2019. This is when an upcycling company called TerraCycle invented the holiday to promote the benefits of upcycling.

They also envisioned this holiday as a way to encourage people to be more mindful of the waste they create. It’s been observed ever since to help people recycle and upcycle everything that they can to avoid these things from ending up in the world’s landfills.

Observing National Upcycling Day

The best way to observe this holiday is by learning more about upcycling and thinking about how this process can be used to transform your ordinary trash products. It’s also a good day to teach children about recycling and to begin efforts in transforming waste into something useful.

While people are observing this holiday, they can also take the time to spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #NationalUpcyclingDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2023)
June 24 Saturday
Next year (2024)
June 24 Monday
Last year (2022)
June 24 Friday
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