Royal Hobart Regatta in Australia (Tasmania)

The Royal Hobart Regatta is a three-day weekend event that is observed on the second Monday in February and the weekend immediately preceding it. During this weekend, most people are given the day off, and many schools, businesses, and government offices are closed.

This gives the general population a chance to visit the regatta and enjoy the amusement rides, sports, and yachting. There are also rowing, sailing, and concerts for people to enjoy. This is one of the most prestigious and oldest events in all of Tasmania. It has been observed since the early 19th century and continues to be a popular event day in and day out.

The History of Royal Hobart Regatta in Tasmania

On December 1st, 1838, Tasmania started the first Hobart Town Anniversary to commemorate the anniversary of when the island was first discovered by Europeans during the 17th century.

Tasmania was first sighted by Abel Tasman on November 24th, 1642. In 1856, the first regatta was staged at Pavilion Point. Although the location has been moved to the grounds close to Macquarie Point, the regatta has been observed ever since, and the Monday following the weekend event has been made a public holiday.

Facts About Tasmania

Since we’re on the subject of a major event in Tasmania, we thought it would be appropriate to list some of the amazing facts that we’ve learned about it during the course of our research. Below are some facts that we think everyone can appreciate.

  • Tasmania lies approximately 150 miles south of the state of Victoria.
  • The highest peak on the island is Mount Ossa, which reaches a height of approximately 5,305 feet.
  • The two major river systems in Tasmania are the South Esk in the northeast and the Derwent in the southeast.
  • Most of the soils in Tasmania are acidic, poorly drained, high in humus, and not very fertile.
  • Birds in Tasmania include black jays, black magpies, black cockatoos, and parrots.
  • Tasmania is the world’s 26th largest island.
  • The Tasmanian devil is found only in Tasmania and is the world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial.

Observing Royal Hobart Regatta in Tasmania

There are a variety of events that are observed during the Royal Hobart Regatta. So many, in fact, that we would be hard-pressed to include them all in a holiday article of this size.

With that said, some of the many things that people can do and see during this event include sailing, rowboat races, concerts, amusement park rides, fireworks, and watersports. Everyone can feel free to spread the word about this event using the hashtag #RoyalHobartRegatta on social media.

Where is it celebrated?
Australia (State holiday) - Tasmania*
When is it?
This year (2024)
February 12 Monday
Next year (2025)
February 10 Monday
Last year (2023)
February 13 Monday