Scrubs Day

October 9th is celebrated every year as Scrubs Day. This isn’t a day that celebrates the 1999 TLC song known as “No Scrubs,” but instead, it is a holiday that features the clothing worn by nurses and other medical professionals.

And why wouldn’t there be a holiday dedicated to these comfortable, loose-fitting articles of clothing that many people liken to pajamas? Of course, people can observe this day by either spending the day wearing scrubs or by giving a shoutout to nurses and other medical professionals for all that they do. It doesn’t matter how people observe this day, as long as they do it in style and comfort.

The History of Scrubs Day

Unfortunately, the origins of this holiday continue to elude us. We’ve searched every resource we could find, and we just couldn’t find anyone who has claimed that they invented it, although we suspect it happened sometime after 2015.

Some Quick Facts About Scrubs — The Television Show

Okay, we have to admit that we’re kind of cheating here. We set out to find some facts about Scrubs that we could share, but we couldn’t find any that most people didn’t already know, so we switched gears and decided to list some facts about the popular TV series known as Scrubs.

  • The hospital where the series was filmed is a real abandoned hospital.
  • Scrubs’ storylines were vetted by real doctors.
  • The janitor, Neil Flynn, often ad-libbed his lines of dialogue.
  • Speaking of the janitor, he originally wasn’t supposed to be a regular character.
  • The officiant at the janitor’s wedding is played by the show’s creator.
  • The janitor’s father was played by R. Lee Ermey, who played the drill sergeant in the movie Full Metal Jacket.

Observing Scrubs Day

Put on a pair of scrubs to lounge around the house or to wear to work on this day. That’s how we would observe this holiday. It’s also a good day to give a shoutout to medical professionals on social media using the hashtag #ScrubsDay.

And of course, this is a great day to shop for a new pair of scrubs. After all, they come in a variety of different styles and colors. They’re the hot new fashion trend.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 9 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
October 9 Thursday
Last year (2023)
October 9 Monday
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