Vlach’s National Day

Vlach’s National Day is a public holiday in North Macedonia that is the national day of the Aromanians—an ethnic group in the Balkans also known as the Vlachs. This holiday has been observed in this country since 2007 and is a day off for the general population. It’s also a day on which schools, government offices, and many businesses are closed for the day.

This holiday commemorates the day in 1905 when the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamid II had recognized the Vlach Millet—otherwise known as the Ullah Millet. In other parts of the Balkans, this holiday is known as Aromanian National Day and it’s celebrated in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia.

Facts About Vlach’s In North Macedonia

Since this holiday is a celebration of the ethnic groups known as the Aromanians or Vlachs, it’s appropriate to go into further detail about their presence in North Macedonia. According to a 2002 census, there are approximately 9,695 Vlachs living in this country and they’re recognized as an ethnic minority. In 1953, there were 8,669 Vlachs living in North Macedonia, and in 1994, there were 8,467 of them living in the country.

Interesting Facts About Macedonia

Let’s pour over a few facts about Macedonia that we found to be quite interesting. We’ve gathered together some of them below for everyone reading this to enjoy.

  • One of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe is Ohrid Lake.
  • Mother Theresa of Calcutta was born in Skopje, Macedonia.
  • Skopje is over 7,000-years old.

Observing Vlach’s National Day In North Macedonia

This holiday is observed with a variety of folk festivals, parades, and other cultural events. For those in the community, this holiday is a day off of work, and schools, businesses, and government offices are closed. In North Macedonia, it’s considered to be a community holiday.

Where is it celebrated?
North Macedonia (Optional holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
May 23 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
May 23 Thursday
Last year (2022)
May 23 Monday