Wear Pajamas to Work Day

Celebrated annually, Pajama Day is a holiday in which you spend the entire day wearing your pajamas. Also known as National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, this day celebrates the iconic sleepwear and gives us an excuse to spend our day in something super comfy. If that sounds like a lot of fun to you, then grab your favorite P.Js on this day and have yourself a ball.

History of Pajamas & Pajamas Day

Pajamas, which were originally known as pyjamas, can trace their history back to Persia hundreds of years ago. During the 17th century, British colonists adopted this article of clothing from India and brought it to England where it became known as “Lounging attire.” Eventually, it was brought to the United States and continued to grow in popularity as the years passed.

Over the years, pajama technology has changed. For example, footed PJs were originally for adults and nightcaps were worn with pajamas during the 19th century. However, the greatest pajama improvement to happen happened in 1971. This is when the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) established regulations that set the standard for children’s sleepwear flammability. After this regulation was passed, there was a ninety percent decrease in child deaths due to fire.

Unfortunately, not as much is known about Pajamas Day. No one has stepped forward to claim credit for creating this unofficial holiday. However, it is known that this holiday hasn’t been celebrated longer than perhaps two decades now.

Comfy Pajama Facts

  • The word pajama is derived from the Indian word piejamah.
  • PJs are regularly worn in public by people in some Asian countries
  • PJs and nightcaps were popular during the 19th century

Celebrating Pajama Day

Pajama Day is probably one of the easiest holidays in the world to celebrate. All you have to do is not get dressed that day and instead, spend the entire day in your comfy pajamas. Now, that doesn’t sound too difficult, now does it?

If you want, you can also promote Pajama Day on social media using the hashtag #PajamaDay and posting pics of yourself in your favorite pair of pajamas.

Where is Wear Pajamas to Work Day celebrated?

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