10 Best Game Holidays For Gamers To Enjoy At The Table

Just ‍about everyone loves to play⁤ games ‍of some sort. Some people love to‍ play video games, some prefer ‍card games, and others enjoy good old-fashioned Trivial Pursuit. We personally love all these games and many more, but unfortunately,⁤ we⁢ don’t have a lot‍ of time to play them. That’s a problem we think many ‌people have as well.

There’s just too ⁣much going on in our daily lives to be able to gather with friends and family members for a bit of tabletop fun. Fortunately, holidays‍ make it ⁤easier for many of us‍ to enjoy​ games ⁣more often. Allow us ⁢to​ introduce​ the‍ 10 Best Game Holidays To ⁣Enjoy While Sitting Around ​A Table. Let’s check them out,‍ shall we?

National Trivia Day

National‌ Trivia Day ⁤ is ​a holiday observed⁣ annually ⁣on January 4th. It’s a day‍ for people‌ to gather⁤ with ‌coworkers,‌ friends, and‍ family members to enjoy‌ a bit of trivia. There are tons⁢ of different⁤ trivia board games out there.

Not only is​ there the game Trivial Pursuit, but there are ⁣also‌ games such as Gensmak!, Lyrically⁤ Correct, Wit’s End, and Death ‍by Trivia. If people can’t get a group together, they can also⁣ find a wide variety of trivia-based ⁢game apps on their ⁣phones.

Dungeons & Dragons Day

On‍ January 26th, 1974, approximately 1,000 copies of a⁣ new ⁢game were released by TSR (Tactical ​Studies Rules)⁤ that would ​turn the gaming world on its head. This game was Dungeons & Dragons,‍ and the first print sold out in only 10 months.

That’s why January 26th will always be known‌ as Dungeons & Dragons Day. It’s a day for people⁢ to gather around the table and have ⁣some role-playing fun with their friends. Will you be a raging barbarian, a‌ devout⁢ paladin, or a​ Wild Magic ⁢Sorcerer?​ Let us know!

International TableTop Day

The first Saturday in June is always observed‌ as International TableTop Day. This holiday encourages people to play their ‍favorite ⁣tabletop games. This can be RPG games, card games, classic board⁤ games such as Life or Sorry!, strategy games, or just about‌ any other type of game that can be enjoyed around a table.

Everyone ⁢observing ⁤this day should make sure ⁢they bring⁤ plenty ⁣of snacks for​ the table because we imagine that ⁣people are going to be ⁢playing⁣ well ​into the wee​ hours ​of the night.

Video⁤ Games Day

Video Games Day is a holiday that falls on July ⁢8th ‍and is the perfect day for ⁣people to‌ veg out in front of their computer monitor or TV playing games all day. ⁢It doesn’t matter if you want to play Red Dead ‌Redemption 2, God of​ War, Resident ⁤Evil ‌4, or Grand Theft Auto VI; all ⁢that matters ⁤is that the ⁣wireless controller is charged and there ​are plenty of snacks‍ available.

We personally like to play some retro games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, ‍or Super Mario ‌Bros., but everyone can‍ play whatever game ‍floats their proverbial ‌boat.

According To Hoyle Day

This holiday is for all those‌ “rules lawyers” out ​there ⁣who like to sift ‌through the rule set of any game and‌ tell all the other players what they’re doing wrong. It doesn’t matter what you play on this day;‍ all that ⁣matters is that you take the time to enjoy playing it. Just be sure to know the ‍rules beforehand. After all, the rules ​lawyer ‌is always watching.

National Chess Day

National Chess⁢ Day ⁤is observed every ⁢second‌ Saturday in October and it’s the perfect day‍ for‌ people to prove to their friends⁢ and⁢ family that they are ⁢indeed ⁣Grandmasters‍ of the game.

This is the perfect day to challenge coworkers to a game of chess ⁤as well, ​or ​if there’s no one to play ‍with,⁢ you ‍can ⁣study some of⁢ the best chess games in history. ​May we ‌suggest studying Geller vs. Euwe (Zurich, 1953) or ‍ Kasparov vs. Topalov (Wijk ⁣aan Zee, 1999)?

National Dice Day

Sometimes people just want to throw dice, and that’s why National Dice ⁤Day is really ‍beginning to become popular.‍ This day is observed annually⁢ on December 4th and encourages ⁣people to‌ play one of the many ​dice games that currently exist or to make up their own dice game.

We personally prefer a good game of Craps, but different people have different⁢ tastes, so a game of⁢ Liar’s Dice, Yahtzee, Farkle, or Drop Dead ⁤might ⁢be⁣ in order.

Games Day

Games Day ​might seem like a ‍catch-all category for a variety of different games. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this day. And since it falls just ​5 days before Christmas, it’s a good excuse to get together​ with friends, coworkers, and‍ family members for some fun game action. May we suggest a good game of Axis & Allies, Risk Legacy, or Cthulhu Wars?

National Card‍ Playing Day

This holiday is observed ⁣just 3 days after Christmas, so it’s‌ just another ⁣excuse to extend ‍the holiday fun ⁢and spend more time ⁢with the⁤ people we love. This is a‌ great day for people to play a variety ⁢of different card games including Poker, Blackjack, Go ‍Fish, Old Maid, War,‌ Gin ⁣Rummy, Klondike, Bridge, Hearts,‍ Spades,​ or even a rousing game of‍ Solitaire.⁣ Just make sure⁤ that ‍you don’t deal‌ from the bottom of the deck and you’ll be fine.

Well, that⁤ does it ​for us today.‍ We hope that everyone ⁣reading this article ‍will consider observing at least one or two of these holidays ⁣dedicated to games. We spend a​ lot of our time taking care of children, going to⁣ work, ⁢doing⁤ housework, and finishing chores‌ that we forget we also need to have a bit of fun in our lives​ as well. These holidays are‍ the perfect excuse to do just that, so get ⁢out there and ‍start​ playing some games!