April 17 holidays in 2020

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Good Friday (Orthodox) Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Good Friday Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Orthodox Good Friday Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Coptic Good Friday Egypt Observance
Ethiopian Good Friday Ethiopia Public Holiday
Independence Day Syria Public Holiday
Women's Rights Day Gabon Public Holiday
Fast and Prayer Day Liberia Public Holiday
Herbalist Day - Unofficial
National Bat Appreciation Day - Unofficial
National Ellis Island Family History Day - Unofficial
National Haiku Poetry Day - Unofficial
National Cheeseball Day - Unofficial
Flag Day American Samoa Public Holiday

Historical Events on April 17

  • 1524: New York Bay is discovered by Giovanni Verrazano.
  • 1534: Sir Thomas More is imprisoned in the Tower of London.
  • 1629: The first commercial fisher is established.
  • 1704: The first successful U.S newspaper is published in the city of Boston, Massachussets by John Campbell.
  • 1863: Colonel Benjamin Grierson leds Union forces on an attack of central Mississippi as Grierson’s Raid starts during the American Civil War.
  • 1864: Plymouth in North Carolina is attacked by Confederate troops as the Battle of Plymouth starts during the American Civil War.
  • 1907: More than 11,700 people are processed by Ellis Island Immigration Center on this day.
  • 1912: Over 150 striking goldfield workers in Siberia are killed when Russian troops open fire upon them.
  • 1941: Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany during WWII.
  • 1942: French POW General Henri Giraud escapes from his prison at Konigstein Fortress.
  • 1945: Montese, Italy is liberated by Allied forces.
  • 1946: French soldiers are withdrawn from Syria.
  • 2006: Eleven people are killed and another seventy are wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber sets off a bomb at a Tel Aviv restaurant.
  • 2011: The first episode of Game of Thrones is broadcast. The show would become an almost instant hit.
  • 2013: In the city of West in Texas, fifteen people are killed and another one hundred and sixty are wounded when an explosion goes off at a fertilizer plant.
  • 2014: The first Earth-sized planet is the habitable zone of another star is found by NASA’s Kepler Space Observatory.

Famous Birthdays on April 17

  • American firefighter and inventor of modern baseball, Alexander Cartwright is born in 1820.
  • American banker and founder of J.P. Morgan & Company, J.P. Morgan is born in 1837.
  • English math and theorist, Augustus Edward Hough Love is born in 1863.
  • English physiologist Ernest Starling is born in 1866.
  • American actor William Holden is born in 1918.
  • American journalist Harry Reasoner is born in 1923.


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