DateNameLocation / Topic
Tuesday, Dec 24
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve
Tuesday, Dec 24
Independence Day Independence Day
Tuesday, Dec 24
Yap Constitution Day Yap Constitution Day
Tuesday, Dec 24
Hanukkah II Hanukkah II
Tuesday, Dec 24
Birth Date of Kim Jong Suk
Tuesday, Dec 24
National Eggnog Day National Eggnog Day
Tuesday, Dec 24
Washington's Birthday
United States (Georgia, Indiana)
Tuesday, Dec 24
Cuti Bersama (Christmas Eve) Cuti Bersama (Christmas Eve)
Tuesday, Dec 24
Additional Special Non-Working Day

Historical Events on December 24

  • 1777: James Cook discovered Kiritimati – also known as Christmas Island.
  • 1800: The Machine Infernale Plot – also known as the Plot of the rue Saint-Nicaise – fails to kill Napoleon.
  • 1814: The War of 1812 ends when Great Britain and the United States sign the Treaty of Ghent.
  • 1818: In the church of St. Nikolaus in Oberndorf, Austria, the 1st performance of Silent Night is held.
  • 1826: The Eggnog Riot – also known as the Grog Mutiny – occurs when a Christmas Party gets out of hand at the north barracks of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. It would last until the following morning.
  • 1851: a fire ravages the Library of Congress on this day.
  • 1865: The American terrorist organization – the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) – is formed on this day.
  • 1906: The first radio broadcast is transmitted by Reginald Fessenden on this day.
  • 1914: The Christmas Truce starts on this day during WWI.
  • 1943: For the Invasion of Normandy, United States’ General Dwight D. Eisenhower is named the Supreme Allied Commander.
  • 1964: The Brinks Hotel in Saigon, South Vietnam is bombed by Viet Cong operatives.
  • 1966: Almost 130 people are killed when a Canadair CL-44 that was chartered by the U.S military crashes into a small South Vietnamese village.

Famous Birthdays on December 24

  • American frontiersman and Army officer, Kit Carson is born in 1809.
  • English poet and critic, Matthew Arnold is born in 1822.
  • American engineer, businessman and pilot, Howard Hughes is born in 1905.
  • American author and poet, Fritz Leiber is born in 1910.
  • American actress Ava Gardner is born in 1922.
  • American general George Patton IV is born in 1923.
  • American actor Wade Williams is born in 1961.
  • American fashion designer and co-founder of Kate Spade New York, Kate Spade is born in 1962.
  • American actor Mark Valley is born in 1964.
  • English director and screenwriter, Nick Love is born in 1969.
  • Scottish author Mark Millar is born in 1969.