February 13 holidays in 2021

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
World Radio Day - International
World Radio Day United states United nations observance
National Break Up With Your Carrier Day - Weird
National Cheddar Day - Weird
National Tortellini Day - Weird
Carnival Panama Observance
Carnival Saturday Brazil Observance
Chinese New Year Brunei Public holiday
Spring Festival Golden Week holiday China National holiday
Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Lunar New Year (Second Day) Macau Public holiday
Second Day of Lunar New Year Mongolia Public holiday
Seollal Holiday South korea Public holiday
Chinese New Year Holiday 1 Taiwan National holiday
Tet holiday Vietnam National holiday
Thanksgiving Liberia Public holiday

Historical Events on February 13

  • 1914: The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers is established in New York to protect the copyrighted materials of its members.
  • 1920: The Negro National League is established.
  • 1945: German and Hungarian forces surrender to the Soviets as the Siege of Budapest during World War II comes to an end.
  • 1945: Bombers from the Royal Air Force are sent to Dresden, Germany to bomb the city.
  • 1955: Israel gets 4 of the 7 Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • 1960: The successful test of Gerboise Bleue makes France the 4th Nuclear Super Power.
  • 1960: Black college students begin a series of lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 1961: The Coso artifact is discovered. This artifact was supposedly a half million year old rock that contained a spark plug inside it. It was discovered in Olancha, California by Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell.
  • 1967: Leonardo da Vinci’s Madrid Cordices are discovered by American researchers in the National Library of Spain.
  • 1981: More than two miles of streets are destroyed in Louisville, Kentucky by a series of sewer explosions.
  • 2004: The discovery of the largest known diamond in the universe – white dwarf star BPM 37093 – was announced by the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
  • 2010: In the city of Pune in India, a bomb goes off killing seventeen people and kills another 60 people.

Famous Birthdays on February 13

  • American 35th First Lady of the U.S., Bess Truman is born in 1885.
  • Welsh author Kate Roberts is born in 1891.
  • English-American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, William Shockley is born in 1910.
  • American actress Jean Muir is born in 1911.
  • American actress Kim Novak is born in 1933.
  • American actor George Sega is born in 1934.
  • English actor Oliver Reed is born in 1938.
  • English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel is born in 1950.
  • American actress Mena Suvari is born in 1979.


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