March 5 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Custom Chief's Day Vanuatu Public Holiday
Cinco de Marcho - Unofficial (Food & Drinks, Fun & Joy)
National Multiple Personality Day - Unofficial (Awareness & Cause, Health & Body)
National Cheese Doodle Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Absinthe Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Special working day (compensation for Carnival Monday) Ecuador Observance
Arrival of the first Missionaries French Polynesia Public Holiday
Fifth of March Spain (Zaragoza) Local Holiday
Learn What Your Name Means Day - Unofficial (Weird & Obscure)

Historical Events on March 5

  • 1770: British troops fatally shoot 5 Americans in Boston. This event – which would later be called the Boston Massacre – would be a contributing factor to the start of the American Revolutionary War 5 years later.
  • 1824: The British declare war on Burma. This is the beginning of the First Anglo-Burmese War.
  • 1872: A patent is given to George Westinghouse for air brakes.
  • 1933:S President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes all banks in the United States and freezes all financial transactions during the Great Depression.
  • 1933: The Nazi Party gets almost 44% of votes at the Reichstag elections. This allows them to later pass a piece of legislation called the Enabling Act; An act that would establish a dictatorship.
  • 1940: An order is signed by the Soviets that calls for the execution of over twenty-five thousand Polish intelligentsia and over fourteen thousand Polish prisoners-of-war. This event is known as the Katyn Massacre.
  • 1942: The capital of the Dutch East Indies – Batavia – is captured by Japanese forces.
  • 1944: In Western Ukraine, Soviet forces start the Uman Botosani Offensive.
  • 1946: At Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives the Iron Curtain Speech.
  • 1963: Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas, Patsy Cline and their pilot – Randy Hughes – is killed in Camden, Tennessee when their plane crashes.

Famous Birthdays on March 5

  • German author and historian, Fritz Fischer is born in 1908.
  • American author and playwright, Irving Fiske is born in 1908.
  • English actor Rex Harrison is born in 1908.
  • American actress Virginia Christine is born in 1920.
  • American actor James Noble is born in 1922.
  • Israeli-American economist and Nobel Prize laureate, Daniel Kahneman is born in 1934.
  • American actor Paul Sand is born in 1935.
  • American actor Dean Stockwell is born in 1936.
  • English actress Samantha Eggar is born in 1939.
  • American actor and director, Kevin Connolly is born in 1974.
  • American actress and model, Eva Mendes is born in 1974.

Father’s Day

Eid al-Adha

Bastille Day

Labor Day

Autumnal Equinox

Columbus Day

Black Friday

Giving Tuesday