Carabobo Battle

The Battle of Carabobo was a conflict fought between independence fighters led by General Simón Bolívar and Royalist forces led by Field Marshal Miguel de la Torre in Venezuela. The victory of Bolívar over de la Torre resulted in an independent Venezuela and the creation of the Republic of Gran Colombia.

In Venezuela, this battle is celebrated as a public holiday every June 24th. It is usually observed with a state-sponsored military parade, an air show, and reenactments at the site of the battle. Teachers also use this day to teach elementary and middle school students about the battle and its historical significance.

The History of the Battle of Carabobo

Before the start of this battle, several events took place that set the stage for the conflict. Patriot Francisco de Miranda had taken control of Caracas between 1810-1812 but lost it when the Spanish regained control.

Miranda was handed over to the Royalists as a traitor, and his compatriot Bolívar ended up fleeing the country. Bolívar organized the Admirable Campaign in 1813 and re-established the Second Republic of Venezuela.

The Third Republic of Venezuela was established in 1818 with the purpose of liberating the entire country. Bolívar formed the Republic of Colombia and placed himself as President in 1819. Once Colombia had secured its independence, he then went on to try to liberate Venezuela. In 1820, Bolívar and the Spanish loyalists drew up an armistice.

On June 24, 1821, the Battle of Carabobo was fought. Independence fighters under Bolívar defeated Spanish loyalists under de la Torre. This victory led to Spain’s recognition of an independent Venezuela.

Observing the Battle of Carabobo in Venezuela

The day observing this decisive and important battle is observed with a military parade and an air show first and foremost. It is also celebrated with reenactments of the battle that are often attended by schoolchildren so that they can learn more about the battle. It is also a day off for the general public, and many people use the day to attend special events.

Where is it celebrated?
Venezuela (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
June 24 Monday
Next year (2025)
June 24 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
June 24 Saturday