Guadalcanal Province Day

Guadalcanal Province Day is a Second Appointed Day in Guadalcanal that celebrates the establishment of Guadalcanal Province on August 1st, 1984. Guadalcanal is an island that’s located in the Solomon Islands chain and is known for its importance during World War II as well as for its snorkeling — particularly at Bonegi Beach.

Because this is a public holiday, it’s a day off for the general population, and many government offices, schools, and businesses are closed for the day. It’s also a day that’s celebrated with a speech from the Prime Minister, various festivals, as well as music performed on homemade instruments.

The History Of Guadalcanal Province Day

Guadalcanal is the largest island that’s located in the Solomon Island chain and has a total land area of approximately 2,047 square miles. It’s home to over 155,000 people, which makes it the second-most populous island in the country after Malaita.

This island was originally occupied by the Austronesian Lapita peoples during 1,200 B.C., but the Spanish would occupy the country in the 16th century. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it would come to be colonized by European powers.

During World War II, the Japanese began a push across the Western Pacific and that campaign arrived in Guadalcanal in May of 1942. This began a protracted series of battles between the U.S and Japan on the islands and both sides saw heavy losses. This would have a significant effect on the island over the years.

On August 1, 1984, Guadalcanal Province would become one of the 9 provinces of the Solomon Islands. Many of the people on the west coast of Guadalcanal Island still live in a traditional way and excel in some of the ancient arts the island is known such as weaving baskets and bags.

Observing Guadalcanal Province Day

This is a public holiday that’s a day off for the general population. It’s also a day that features speeches from politicians, festivals, and other special events that highlight the importance of the holiday to the people living on Guadalcanal Island.

Where is it celebrated?
Solomon Islands (Local holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
August 1 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
August 1 Thursday
Last year (2022)
August 1 Monday