Independence Day in Kazakhstan

Independence Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Kazakhstan and is observed annually on December 16th. If this holiday falls on a weekend instead of a weekday, the holiday is observed on the following Monday.

Although December 16th is the official day for this holiday, it’s actually a two-day celebration because December 17th is also a holiday. This day marks the independence of Kazakhstan on December 16, 1991. Independence was declared due to the ongoing collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union would cease to exist on December 25, 1991.

The History of Independence Day in Kazakhstan

On March 16, 1991, Kazakhstan tried to maintain unity with the Soviet Union by voting in favor of a new Union of Sovereign States. In August of that year, communist hardliners attempted a coup in the Soviet Union against Mikhail Gorbachev, but the coup collapsed in only two days.

This would lead to the collapse of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and eventually the dissolution of the USSR. On December 16, 1991, Kazakhstan passed the Constitutional Independence Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Shortly thereafter, President Nursultan Nazarbayev came into power, and a new bicameral parliament and capital were created.

Facts About Kazakhstan

Below are some of the facts we have uncovered during our research for Independence Day about Kazakhstan.

  • The border between Kazakhstan and Russia is the largest continuous land border in the world. It’s over 7,512 kilometers long.
  • In 2009, Kazakhstan produced over 14,020 tons of uranium.
  • Kazakh means “wanderer.”

Observing Independence Day in Kazakhstan

Over this two-day holiday, traditional tents called yurts are erected in many villages, and it is at these tents that many local foods are served. During this time, concerts are usually performed featuring traditional music, and festivals also take place across the country.

Where is it celebrated?
Kazakhstan (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
Next year (2025)
Last year (2023)