Independence of Cartagena Day

It is nice to celebrate a first, and that is exactly what observing Independence of Cartagena Day involves. It was the first Columbian city to declare independence from the Spanish and is a noteworthy day in the calendar for all Columbians on November 11th. It is a key event that represents the struggle for freedom of all Columbians.

The History of Independence of Cartagena Day

It didn’t take the Spanish long to settle in Columbia after arriving in 1499. Their earliest settlement came soon after in 1510. This explains why the City of Cartagena was named after its namesake in Spain in 1533. The location and resources made it a popular place, also contributing to its fast growth and a place of importance for the Spanish colonies.

The resentment within the colonies grew before too long as Spanish rule declared that they could only trade with Spain. This restricted their activity and did nothing to help the Columbian economy at the same time. This only developed over time, especially as taxation increased.

It took until 1810 for an uprising to cause a stir. This was the catalyst for the city of Cartagena to declare its independence in 1811. The day was November 11th, which is why it is still observed on this date now. The actual independence was gained in 1819. Before this, the city was reclaimed by Spanish forces, but the declaration is a significant date due to its intention and what it symbolizes in the fight for freedom. This event contributed to the freedom of all Columbians eventually so it cannot be underestimated and is rightly given a dedicated day.

How To Observe Independence of Cartagena Day

In Columbia, this is celebrated with festivities and carnival-style events. This is a far cry from the previous way of acknowledging the day. It used to be marked with speeches and a solemn air to proceedings. Now, it is much different. It is more of a celebration of the achievement of their forefathers, and to be marked with parades that all lead to Plaza Trindindad, the site where the declaration was first announced.

There are costumes, dances, and a list of music as part of the celebrations. A colourful time, the pinnacle being the Battle of Flowers. This is a beauty pageant-style event where 21 winners of local beauty pageants where Miss Columbia is picked as the winner. She then goes onto to represent Columbia at the Miss Universe event.

There are ways to observe the day from afar. First of all, it can be useful to educate yourself on what the day means to Columbians. Then, there is the hashtag #IndependenceofCartagenaDay or #cartagenainanindepencia- useful for finding out how people around the world are celebrating the day. It can also be used to spread awareness of the day and its importance.

Speak to other people in the Columbian community and ask questions. It is a historic day and is rightly celebrated with colourful cheer. This is exactly the kind of liberating way to acknowledge independence.

Where is it celebrated?
Colombia (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
November 11 Saturday
Next year (2024)
November 11 Monday
Last year (2022)
November 11 Friday